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TAO Toolkit & Pre-Trained Models

Farzin-Aghdasi-, NVIDIA | Varun-Praveen, NVIDIA | Yu-Wang, NVIDIA | Yu Wang and Anil Ubale, NVIDIA | Subhashree-Radhakrishnan and Anil, NVIDIA | William, Sebastian, Cory, NVIDIA | Arihant-Jain, NVIDIA

GTC 2020

The NVIDIA TAO Toolkit is ideal for deep learning application developers and data scientists seeking a faster, more efficient deep learning training workflow for Intelligent Video Analytics (IVA). TAO Toolkit abstracts and accelerates deep learning training by allowing developers to fine-tune NVIDIA-provided, pre-trained models that are domain specific instead of going through the time-consuming process of building Deep Neural Networks (DNNs) from scratch. The pre-trained models accelerate the developer's deep learning training process and eliminate the higher costs associated with large-scale data collection, labeling, and training models from scratch. We'll show how to train, prune, and optimize popular models and create TRT engines.

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