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NVIDIA Research Presenting 20 Papers at NeurIPS 2021

At the forefront of AI innovation, NVIDIA continues to push the boundaries of technology in machine learning, self-driving cars, robotics, graphics, and more. 4 MIN READ
NVIDIA DOCA software framework visual represntation
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Building a Foundation for Zero Trust Security with NVIDIA DOCA 1.2

Dive deep into the new features and use cases available for networking, security, storage in the latest release of the DOCA software framework. 7 MIN READ
Image of a destroyed residential area after an earthquake in Japan.
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Deep Learning Detects Earthquakes at Millimeter-Scale

Researchers create a neural network that automatically detects tectonic fault deformation, crucial to understanding and possibly predicting earthquake behavior. 3 MIN READ
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Navigating the Global Supply Chain with Networking Digital Twins

NVIDIA Air enables data center digital twins for staging production deployments and testing out new network and application tools. 4 MIN READ
A digitalized street with cars, bikes and pedestrians.
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Transforming the Future of Mobility at ITS America with NVIDIA Metropolis Partners

Explore NVIDIA Metropolis partners showcasing new technologies to improve city mobility at the ITS America 2021. 3 MIN READ
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Creating Custom, Production-Ready AI Models Faster with NVIDIA TAO

Learn about the latest updates to NVIDIA TAO, an AI-model-adaptation framework, and NVIDIA TAO toolkit, a CLI and Jupyter notebook-based version of TAO. 2 MIN READ