NVIDIA DRIVE End-to-End Solutions for Autonomous Vehicles

The NVIDIA DRIVE® platform for autonomous vehicle development and deployment spans from the car to the data center. The NVIDIA DRIVE AGX™ Developer Kit is the in-car solution that provides the hardware, software, and applications for the development of production-level AVs. NVIDIA DRIVE Infrastructure encompasses the complete data center hardware, software, and workflows needed to develop autonomous driving technology—from raw data collection and neural network development to testing and validation in simulation.


DRIVE AGX Platform

The NVIDIA DRIVE AGX Developer Kit is powered by the DRIVE OS SDK, a reference operating system and associated software stack that includes DriveWorks. The platform, along with supported sensors and accessories, enables developers to build ADAS and in-car AI applications that increase safety and enable convenience features for all occupants.

NVIDIA DRIVE Infrastructure

DRIVE Infrastructure

NVIDIA DRIVE Infrastructure provides the massive computer horsepower crucial for training and fine-tuning self-driving algorithms. It also enables testing and validating in simulation, whether on premises or in the cloud.