NVIDIA DRIVE - Autonomous Vehicle Development Platforms

NVIDIA DRIVE® platforms include an in-vehicle computer (DRIVE AGX) and complete reference architecture (DRIVE Hyperion), as well as an end-to-end simulation platform (DRIVE Sim) and deep neural network (DNN) training platforms (DGX). These platforms also include rich software developer kits (SDKs) to accelerate autonomous vehicle (AV) development.

Product Brief

NVIDIA DRIVE Level 2+ solution is powered by two NVIDIA Orin systems-on-a-chip— one for active safety, automated driving, and parking applications, and one for AI cockpit capabilities. It also includes the NVIDIA DRIVE Hyperion™ sensor suite for developers to evaluate their AV platform.


getting started

Getting Started

The NVIDIA DRIVE™ AGX Developer Kit provides the hardware, software, and sample applications needed for the development of production-level autonomous vehicles (AV). Here is a list of key resources to help you get started.



NVIDIA DRIVE software enables key self-driving functionalities such as sensor fusion and perception. The open, full-stack solution features libraries, toolkits, frameworks, source packages, and compilers for vehicle manufacturers and suppliers to develop applications for autonomous driving and user experience.



NVIDIA is transforming the AV industry with technology that improves road safety, increases transportation efficiency, and opens up mobility services for all. But to us, safety is more than just a benefit of an autonomous future. It’s a principle that’s incorporated into every step of our development process—from design and production to the operation of self-driving vehicles.


Ecosystem and Partners

NVIDIA DRIVE Platform is an open AV development platform for software developers worldwide. DRIVE Platform software plug-ins allow partners to integrate their technology with the DRIVE AGX system.