Meet Jetson TX2 and the Embedded Platform Family

NVIDIA Jetson with GPU-accelerated parallel processing is the world’s leading embedded AI computing platform. The Jetson portfolio of devices, featuring the new NVIDIA Jetson TX2, delivers more performance and features for Artificial Intelligence at the edge. Devices at the edge, from drones to intelligent cameras, need on-board AI to process complex data without relying on network connectivity. AI at the Edge is the future of industry, transforming processes in manufacturing, industrial inspection, agriculture, general robotics, security, and AI cities.

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Embedded Computing - Jan 11 2017
NVIDIA’s High School Intern Builds Robots With Jetson TX1

Most high school students save their summers for vacations, trips to the beach and generally steering clear from school. Not so for Prat Prem Sankar.

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Deep Learning - Dec 14 2016
AI for Hobbyists: DIYers Use Deep Learning to Shoo Cats, Harass Ants

Robots recklessly driving cheap electric kiddie cars. Autonomous machines shining lasers at ants — and spraying water at bewildered cats — for the amusement of cackling grandchildren.

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Deep Learning - Nov 01 2016
Intelligent Micro-Machines Swarm Out of Sci-Fi, Into GTCs

Robots that count cattle from the sky. Smart cameras that fly themselves. Plug-and-play, GPU-powered brains that turn drones into robots that are as home in your house as they are in the open skies. This isn’t science-fiction.

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Embedded Computing - Sep 12 2016
Latest NVIDIA JetPack Developer Tools Double Deep Learning Performance

It just got a whole lot easier to add complex AI and deep learning abilities to intelligent machines. All it takes is NVIDIA JetPack 2.3, available for free download today.

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