Meet Jetson, the Platform for AI at the Edge

NVIDIA Jetson with GPU-accelerated parallel processing is the world’s leading embedded AI computing platform. The Jetson portfolio of devices, featuring the new NVIDIA Jetson TX2, delivers more performance and features for Artificial Intelligence at the edge. Devices at the edge, from drones to intelligent cameras, need on-board AI to process complex data without relying on network connectivity. AI at the Edge is the future of industry, transforming processes in manufacturing, industrial inspection, agriculture, general robotics, security, and AI cities.

Jetson TX2









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Deep Learning - May 17 2017
GTC Doubleheader: AI, Robotics Events Draws 300 Teen Technologists

Hundreds of Ph.D.s prowled the hallways of the eighth annual GPU Technology Conference in San Jose last week to catch up on the latest developments in AI. Also in attendance were hundreds of teens, getting their first taste of what AI can offer.

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Whose Sign Is It Anyway? AI Translates Sign Language Into Text

Deaf people can’t hear. Most hearing people don’t understand sign language.

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Want Drones to Fly Right? Make Them Hallucinate, MIT Prof Says

How do you teach a drone to fly better? Make it hallucinate. Okay. So how do you make a drone hallucinate? With VR, of course. Still with us? Good. Let’s explain.

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Corporate - May 10 2017
NVIDIA Accelerates AI, Launches Volta, DGX Workstation, Robot Simulator, More 

The AI revolution sweeping the globe just got faster.

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