Meet the Jetson Embedded Platform

NVIDIA Jetson with GPU-accelerated parallel processing is the world’s leading embedded visual computing platform. It features high-performance, low-energy computing for deep learning and computer vision making the Jetson platform ideal for compute-intensive embedded projects like drones, autonomous robotic systems, mobile medical imaging, and Intelligent Video Analytics (IVA). OEMs, independent developers, makers and hobbyists can use the NVIDIA Jetson TX1 to explore the future of embedded computing.

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Corporate - Jun 17 2016
Autonomous Robotic Surgery Moving to Reality, With Help of GPUs

When you’re headed into surgery, you want a doc with unmatched skill, proven experience and steady hands. Or maybe just a really good robot.

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Embedded Computing - Jun 01 2016
NVIDIA Jetson TX1 Wows Crowds at Bay Area Maker Faire

A human-scale “Transformer” robot. A psychedelic, animatronic giraffe. Ridable cupcakes and loads of carnival food. It was all on display last week at Maker Faire.

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Embedded Computing - May 06 2016
St. Louis Spectacular: Student Robot Builders Battle in FIRST Medieval-Themed Competition

More than 20,000 student inventors and their armed robots battled for medieval-themed strongholds over four days of brisk competition at last week’s FIRST Championship.

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Embedded Computing - May 03 2016
Look, Ma, No Hands! 3 Unmanned Systems Companies to Watch at Xponential 2016

With the exploding popularity of robots, drones and other unmanned systems, there are few better places to see the latest in autonomous technology than at Xponential, the world’s premier gathering of the people who design and build it.

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