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NVIDIA Isaac Sim

NVIDIA Isaac Sim™ is a reference application enabling developers to design, simulate, test, and train AI-based robots and autonomous machines in a physically-based virtual environment.

Isaac Sim, built on NVIDIA Omniverse, is fully extensible, enabling developers to build their own Universal Scene Description (OpenUSD)-based custom simulators or integrate core Isaac Sim technologies into their existing testing and validation pipelines.

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NVIDIA Isaac Sim platform software stack diagram

Introducing NVIDIA Isaac Lab

NVIDIA Isaac Lab is a lightweight sample application built on Isaac Sim and optimized for robot learning that's pivotal for robot foundation model training. Isaac Lab optimizes ‌reinforcement, imitation, and transfer learning and can train all types of robot embodiments, including the Project GR00T foundation model for humanoids.

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NVIDIA Isaac Lab application for robot learning and foundation model training

Key Benefits of Isaac Sim

Realistic Simulation

Isaac Sim makes the most of the Omniverse platform’s powerful simulation technologies. These include advanced GPU-enabled physics simulation with NVIDIA PhysX® 5, photorealism with real-time ray and path tracing, and MDL material definition support for physically based rendering.

Modular Architecture for a Variety of Applications

Isaac Sim is built to address many of the most common use cases, including manipulation, navigation, and synthetic data generation for training data. Its modular design also means the tool can be customized and extended to many new use cases.

Seamless Connectivity and Interoperability

Isaac Sim benefits from the Omniverse platform’s OpenUSD interoperability across 3D and simulation tools - enabling developers to easily design, import, build, and share robot models and virtual training environments. 

Now, you can easily connect the robot’s brain to a virtual world through the Isaac ROS/ROS 2 interface, full-featured Python scripting, and plug-ins for importing robot and environment models. 

Key Features of Isaac Sim 

Pre-populated robots and sensors in a warehouse

Pre-Populated Robots and Sensors

Get started faster using pre-existing robot models and sensors.

Explore new robot models, including FANUC and Techman, and sensor ecosystem support for Orbbec, Sensing, Zvision, Ouster, and Real-Sense.

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 Open Robotics ROS logo

ROS/ROS 2.0 Support

Custom ROS messages and URDF/MJCF are now open sourced.

Get support for custom ROS messages that allow standalone scripting to control the simulation steps manually. 

Learn more about ROS support (ROS bridge page) and open-source URDF and MJCF Importer
NVIDIA Omniverse Replicator for scalable synthetic data generation in simulation

Scalable Synthetic Data Generation

Explore randomization in simulation added for manipulator and mobile base use cases.

Environmental dynamics and other attributes of 3D assets—such as lighting, reflection, color, and position—are randomized to train and test mobile robots and manipulators. 

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OpenUSD SimReady warehouse scenes and assets

SimReady Assets 

Take advantage of OpenUSD SimReady warehouse scenes and assets.

Use SimReady 3D assets to create and test scenarios and exercise robot solutions across warehouse configurations.

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Developer Resources and Support

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Robotics DevOps


NVIDIA OSMO is a cloud-native workflow orchestration platform that lets you easily scale your workloads across distributed environments—from on-premises to private and public cloud resource clusters. It provides a single pane of glass for scheduling complex multi-stage and multi-container heterogeneous computing workflows.

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