NVIDIA DRIVE Sim - Powered by Omniverse

NVIDIA DRIVE Sim™ is an end-to-end simulation platform, architected from the ground up to run large-scale, physically accurate multi-sensor simulation. It's open, scalable, modular and supports AV development and validation from concept to deployment, improving developer productivity and accelerating time to market.

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Single Unified World Model

Layered and composable data structures provided by Universal Scene Description (USD) and a common API enable fast turnaround from content generation to sim results.

Scalable Multi-Sensor Architecture

Designed to scale across multiple GPUs and multiple server nodes in the data center while maintaining tight timing control and repeatability.

Physically Accurate Sensors

Leverages NVIDIA RTX real-time ray-tracing technology to accurately simulate sensors.

Open, Modular and Extensible

Using Omniverse Kit, users and partners can build extensions for DRIVE Sim for sensor models, traffic models, 3D content, and validation tools.

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