NVIDIA Networking

NVIDIA networking is a range of highly scalable connectivity solutions used in enterprise, large cloud and supercomputing data centers to accelerate AI and scientific computing workloads.

NVIDIA’s end-to-end accelerated networking platforms offer organizations the choice of InfiniBand and Ethernet connectivity that deliver the best efficiency, and highest, scalable performance for server and storage networking.

Through a unified architecture, developers can program every layer of the data center stack, such as web applications, networking, infrastructure automation, security, and more.


Accelerated Networking Platforms

Quantum InfiniBand Platform

  • Highest networking performance and scale up to 400Gb/s
  • Adapters and switches accelerate AI, ML, HPC and data analytics
  • Develop solutions with in-network computing, custom topologies, and self-healing fabrics

Spectrum Ethernet Platform

  • Accelerated, high performance Ethernet up to 800Gb/s
  • Leverage Spectrum-X as the world’s first Ethernet platform built for AI
  • Configure software-driven automation, simulation and validation for operational efficiency

BlueField Platform

  • Leverage smart offloads for cloud, security, timing, video, and storage
  • Integrate with open source tools including DPDK, OvS, Kubernetes, RoCE, Spark and OpenStack.
  • Accelerate applications at speeds up to 400 Gb/s

Latest Networking News

OCI Accelerates HPC, AI, and Database Using RoCE and NVIDIA ConnectX

OCI Accelerates HPC, AI, and Database Using RoCE and NVIDIA ConnectX

Oracle Cluster Infrastructure uses an innovative approach to deliver scalable, RDMA-powered networking on Ethernet for a multitude of distributed workloads, providing higher performance and value to their customers.

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Generative AI Workloads with NVIDIA Spectrum-X

Turbocharging Generative AI Workloads with NVIDIA Spectrum-X Networking Platform

NVIDIA Spectrum-X networking platform is an end-to-end solution that is optimized for high-speed network performance, low latency, and scale, designed especially for demanding AI applications.

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NVIDIA DGX GH200: The First 100 Terabyte GPU Memory System

Announcing NVIDIA DGX GH200: The First 100 Terabyte GPU Memory System

At COMPUTEX 2023, NVIDIA announced NVIDIA DGX GH200, which marks another breakthrough in GPU-accelerated computing to power the most demanding giant AI workloads.

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GTC23 BlueField-3 DPU

Power the Next Wave of Applications with NVIDIA BlueField-3 DPUs

NVIDIA BlueField-3 DPUs, powered by NVIDIA DOCA software, transform traditional computing environments into efficient, high-performance, secure, and sustainable data centers, enabling the delivery of the next wave of applications. Learn More