NVIDIA Cloud Native Technologies

From the data center and cloud to the desktop and edge, NVIDIA Cloud Native technologies provide the ability to run deep learning, machine learning, and other GPU-accelerated workloads managed by Kubernetes on systems with NVIDIA GPUs, and to develop containerized software that can be seamlessly deployed on enterprise cloud native management frameworks.

Open Source

Open source software is the foundation for the NVIDIA Cloud Native technologies. NVIDIA contributes to open source projects and communities, including container runtimes, Kubernetes operators and extensions, and monitoring tools.


Containerized applications developed with NVIDIA Cloud-Native technologies can seamlessly run on enterprise cloud-native management frameworks, including Red Hat OpenShift and VMware vSphere with Tanzu, as well as NVIDIA Base Command™ and NVIDIA Fleet Command™.

Robust Ecosystem

NVIDIA Cloud-Native technologies support all NVIDIA enterprise GPUs and network adapters no matter where they run. NVIDIA-Certified Systems™, available from a large list of global system manufacturers, are validated to work well with Cloud Native technologies. The software is also available on cloud instances from leading cloud service providers, and can be deployed on embedded systems.

Kubernetes Integrations

NVIDIA GPU Operator Uses the Kubernetes Operator Framework


The NVIDIA GPU Operator automates the lifecycle management of the software required to expose GPUs on Kubernetes. It enables advanced functionality, including better GPU performance, utilization, and telemetry. Certified and validated for compatibility with industry-leading Kubernetes solutions, GPU Operator allows organizations to focus on building applications, rather than managing Kubernetes infrastructure.

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NVIDIA Network Operator

The NVIDIA Network Operator simplifies scale-out network design for Kubernetes by automating the deployment and configuration of the software required for accelerated networking. Paired with the GPU Operator, the Network Operator enables NVIDIA GPUDirect® RDMA, a key technology that accelerates cloud-native AI workloads by orders of magnitude. The Network Operator is also useful for enabling accelerated Kubernetes network environments for telco NFV applications, establishing RDMA connectivity for fast access to NVMe storage and more.

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Enterprise Support

Customers can purchase NVIDIA AI Enterprise to obtain enterprise support for GPU and Network Operator running on upstream Kubernetes, Red Hat OpenShift or VMware vSphere with Tanzu.

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NVIDIA Cloud Native Stack

NVIDIA Cloud Native Stack is a reference architecture that enables easy access to NVIDIA GPU and Network Operators running on upstream Kubernetes. It provides a quick way to deploy Kubernetes on x86 and Arm-based systems and experience the latest NVIDIA features, such as Multi-Instance GPU (MIG), GPUDirect RDMA, GPUDirect Storage, and GPU monitoring capabilities.

Cloud Native Stack enables developers to build, test and run GPU-accelerated containerized applications that work with NVIDIA Operators. These applications can work seamlessly in production on enterprise Kubernetes-based platforms, such as NVIDIA Base Command, NVIDIA Fleet Command, Red Hat OpenShift and VMware vSphere with Tanzu. Developers can deploy Cloud Native Stack onto GPU-accelerated servers, workstations, cloud instances or embedded systems.

NVIDIA Container Toolkit

The NVIDIA Container Toolkit allows users to build and run GPU accelerated containers. The toolkit includes a container runtime library and utilities to automatically configure containers to leverage NVIDIA GPUs.

Containerizing GPU applications provides several benefits, including ease of deployment, ability to run across heterogeneous environments, reproducibility, and ease of collaboration

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NVIDIA GPU Operator Uses the Kubernetes Operator Framework