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Explore open source and NDA samples in a collection of GPU-accelerated algorithms and techniques for the Energy industry, including reverse time migration (RTM), Kirchhoff Migration, SRME, seismic compression, reservoir simulation, Marchenko, and more.

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The NVIDIA HPC Software Development Kit (SDK) includes the proven compilers, libraries, and software tools essential to maximizing developer productivity and the performance and portability of high-performance computing (HPC) applications.

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NVIDIA® CUDA-X, built on top of NVIDIA CUDA®, is a collection of libraries, tools, and technologies that deliver dramatically higher performance - compared to CPU-only alternatives - across multiple application domains, from artificial intelligence (AI) to high performance computing (HPC).

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NVIDIA AI Enterprise

AI researchers, developers, and data scientists are using NVIDIA AI Enterprise to rapidly deploy, manage, and scale AI workloads in the modern hybrid cloud running on on VMware vSphere with NVIDIA-Certified Systems™.

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NVIDIA Omniverse

NVIDIA Omniverse™ is an extensible, open platform built for 3D virtual collaboration and real-time physically accurate simulation. Omniverse combined with NVIDIA Modulus, a framework for developing physics machine learning neural network models, enables digital twins for autonomous vehicles, smart factories, and more.

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NVIDIA® Jetson™ brings accelerated AI performance to the edge in a power-efficient and compact form factor. Together with NVIDIA JetPack™ SDK, these Jetson modules open the door for you to develop and deploy innovative products across all industries.

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With NGC™, you can quickly deploy AI frameworks with containers, get a head start with pre-trained models or model training scripts, and use domain-specific workflows and Helm charts for the fastest AI implementations, giving you faster time to solution.

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NVIDIA Metropolis is an end-to-end application framework built on the NVIDIA EGX platform that simplifies the development, deployment and scale of AI-enabled intelligent video analytics applications, such as retail analytics, traffic management, and automated factory inspections.

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The NVIDIA RAPIDS™ suite of open-source software libraries and APIs gives you the ability to execute end-to-end data science and analytics pipelines entirely on GPUs. Licensed under Apache 2.0, RAPIDS is incubated by NVIDIA and based on extensive hardware and data science experience.

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Personalizing Customer Experiences in Energy with AI

Learn how Minerva CQ, an NVIDIA Inception member, is leveraging NVIDIA Riva Enterprise to augment customer service agents with real-time AI assist for each customer conversation.

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Powering Energy Startup Success with NVIDIA Inception

Learn how Skycatch, Utilidata, and VoltaGrid accelerated growth by joining the NVIDIA Inception Program, and utilized NVIDIA’s resources and technical expertise to better manage distributed energy resources at the grid-edge and use 3D drone mapping to decarbonize mining operations.

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Accelerating Plastic Recycling using Virtual Reactors

Learn how Encina utilized CPFD Barracuda Virtual Reactor simulation software–powered by NVIDIA and running on Microsoft Azure– to model trillions of fluid particles over 500X faster than serialized CPUs.

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Demystifying AI for Petroleum Engineers

Find out AI fundamentals, techniques, and tips for petroleum engineers to build scalable models and powerful applications from SPE Digital Energy Technical Section and NVIDIA.

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Advancing the Future of Energy with High-Performance AI

Beyond Limits and NVIDIA share insights on transparent Cognitive AI, and implementation of novel solutions in upstream and downstream using GPU-accelerated model-free, deep reinforcement learning.

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Expediting Seismic Facies Analysis

Learn how to use NVIDIA DGX A100 and RAPIDS for high-performance machine learning to expedite unsupervised seismic facies analysis.

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Exelon Uses Synthetic Data Generation of Grid Infrastructure to Automate Drone Inspection

Exelon, the largest regulated electric utility in the US, is using NVIDIA Omniverse to automatically create 1000's of grid asset defect examples for real-time drone inspection models—enhancing grid reliability and resiliency. Learn more.

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Microsoft and TempoQuest Accelerate Wind Energy Forecasts with AceCast

Learn how TempoQuest leveraged accelerated computing from NVIDIA on Microsoft Azure to move the traditional Weather Research and Forecasting (WRF) software to GPUs, enabling faster predictions of power generated by renewable wind and solar resources.

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How AI is Powering the Future of Clean Energy

To manage renewable energy at scale, NVIDIA and its ecosystem partners are using AI to optimize solar and wind farms, simulate climate and weather, maintain power grids, advance carbon capture, and power fusion breakthroughs.

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Forged in Flames: Startup Fuses Gen AI, Computer Vision to Fight Wildfires

Chooch, an NVIDIA Inception Premier member, improved wildfire detection for utilities by 250x using computer vision and generative AI models powered by NVIDIA’s edge-to-cloud accelerated computing.

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Sun in Their AIs: Nonprofit Forecasts Solar Energy for UK Grid

Open Climate Fix, a member of NVIDIA Inception, built transformer-based AI models trained on terabytes of satellite data to improve solar energy generation predictions by 3x. Learn how the nonprofit is helping decarbonize the UK's electric grid.

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Startup Enhances Safety of Earth’s Energy Infrastructure From Outer Space

Processing hyperspectral imagery with NVIDIA edge AI technology, NVIDIA Inception member Orbital Sidekick has detected hundreds of suspected gas and hydrocarbon leaks.

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NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute

A developer studies an online course in AI and accelerated computing from NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute (DLI)

The NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute (DLI) offers hands-on training in AI and accelerated computing to solve real-world problems. Training is available as self-paced, online courses or in-person, instructor-led workshops.

Intro to Physics-Informed ML with Modulus

Gain an understanding of the various building blocks of NVIDIA Modulus, the basics of physics-informed deep learning, and how the framework integrates with the overall Omniverse platform.

Learn How to Build Physics-Informed
Neural Networks with Modulus

High-Performance Computing With Containers

Learn how to reduce complexity and improve portability and efficiency of your code by using a containerized environment for HPC application development.

See How Containers Enable Portable, Bare-Metal
Performance in HPC

Getting Started with AI on Jetson Nano

Learn how to use Jupyter iPython notebooks on a Jetson Nano Developer Kit to build a deep learning classification project with computer vision models. This easy-to-use, powerful computer runs multiple neural networks in parallel.

Get Trained on Jetson Nano
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