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NVIDIA Nsight Systems 2022.1 Introduces Vulkan 1.3 and Linux Backtrace Sampling and Profiling Improvements

The latest Nsight Systems 2022.1 release introduces several improvements aimed to enhance the profiling experience. 2 MIN READ
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Overcoming Data Collection and Augmentation Roadblocks with NVIDIA TAO Toolkit and Appen Data Annotation Platform

Generating and labeling data to train AI models is time-consuming. Appen, helps label and annotate your data, which can then be used as inputs in the TAO Toolkit. 8 MIN READ
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Learn to Build Real-Time Video AI Applications

Learn the skills to transform raw video data from cameras into deep learning-based insights in real time 3 MIN READ
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NVIDIA Nsight Graphics 2022.1 Supports Latest Vulkan Ray Tracing Extension

The latest Nsight Graphics 2022.1 release supports Direct3D (11, 12, DXR), Vulkan 1.3, ray tracing extension, OpenGL, OpenVR, and the Oculus SDK. 3 MIN READ
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Vulkan 1.3 Broadens Cross-Platform Functionality with Developer-Requested Features

The latest release of Vulkan 1.3 simplifies render passes and makes synchronization easier. 5 MIN READ
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Scientists Develop 3D Simulation of a Living Cell

Researchers developed GPU-accelerated software to simulate a 2-billion-atom cell that metabolizes and grows like a living cell. < 1