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Introducing NVIDIA Riva: A GPU-Accelerated SDK for Developing Speech AI Applications

This post was updated from November 2021. Sign up for the latest Speech AI news from NVIDIA. Speech AI is used in a variety of applications, including contact... 8 MIN READ
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Predict Protein Structures and Properties with Biomolecular Large Language Models

The NVIDIA BioNeMo service is now available for early access. At GTC Fall 2022, NVIDIA unveiled BioNeMo, a domain-specific framework and service for training... 3 MIN READ
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Building an End-to-End Retail Analytics Application with NVIDIA DeepStream and NVIDIA TAO Toolkit

Retailers today have access to an abundance of video data provided by cameras and sensors installed in stores. Leveraging computer vision AI applications,... 12 MIN READ
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Boosting Dynamic Programming Performance Using NVIDIA Hopper GPU DPX Instructions

Dynamic programming (DP) is a well-known algorithmic technique and a mathematical optimization that has been used for several decades to solve groundbreaking... 9 MIN READ
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Upcoming Webinar: Using ML Models in ROS2 to Robustly Estimate Distance to Obstacles

Join this webinar on December 13 and learn how to estimate obstacle distances with stereo cameras using bespoke, pre-trained DNN models ESS, and Bi3D. < 1
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AI Models Recap: Scalable Pretrained Models Across Industries

The year 2022 has thus far been a momentous, thrilling, and an overwhelming year for AI aficionados. Get3D is pushing the boundaries of generative 3D modeling,... 7 MIN READ