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Teaching Machines to Read LEGO Manuals with Computer Vision

LEGO lovers scratching their heads reading assembly instructions could soon have help with complicated builds thanks to a new study from Stanford University,... 5 MIN READ
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Deep Learning and Data Science Workshops at GTC 2022

Hands-on, expert-led workshops in data science and deep learning at GTC 2022 are just $99 when you register by August 29 (standard price $500). < 1
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Addressing Cybersecurity in the Enterprise with AI

Cybersecurity-related risk remains one of the top sources of risk in the enterprise. This has been exacerbated by the global pandemic, which has forced... 6 MIN READ
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Building a Machine Learning Microservice with FastAPI

Deploying an application using a microservice architecture has several advantages: easier main system integration, simpler testing, and reusable code... 12 MIN READ
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Attend Expert-Led Developer Sessions at GTC 2022

Register now and get ready to explore cutting-edge technology and the latest developer tools at GTC. < 1
Web of wires forming geometric shapes.
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Using Network Graphs to Visualize Potential Fraud on Ethereum Blockchain

Beyond the unimaginable prices for monkey pictures, NFT's underlying technology provides companies with a new avenue to directly monetize their online... 9 MIN READ