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Discover the Latest in Machine Learning, Graphics, HPC, and IoT at AWS re:Invent

NVIDIA created content for AWS re:Invent, helping developers learn more about applying the power of GPUs to reach their goals faster and more easily. 3 MIN READ
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Implementing High Performance Matrix Multiplication Using CUTLASS v2.8

High performance CUTLASS template abstractions support matrix multiply operations (GEMM), Convolution AI, and improved Strided-DGrad. 2 MIN READ
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Reach New Frontiers of Immersive Production with NVIDIA CloudXR and HTC VIVE Focus 3

HTC released a CloudXR client to support their VIVE Focus 3, which provides a "best of both worlds” solution to the difficult tradeoffs VR developers face. 4 MIN READ
NVIDIA Merlin recommender workflow.
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NVIDIA Merlin Extends Open Source Interoperability for Recommender Workflows with Latest Update

Check out NVIDIA Merlin’s latest updates including Transformers4Rec and SparseOperations Kit. 2 MIN READ
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The Need for Speed: Edge AI with NVIDIA GPUs and SmartNICs, Part 1

How to integrate the NVIDIA GPU and Network Operators 17 MIN READ
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Omniverse User Group Spotlights Talented Community Members

At NVIDIA GTC, the Omniverse User Group held its second meeting, focusing on developers and users of the NVIDIA open platform for collaboration and simulation. 3 MIN READ