Android, GameWorks, Tegra Android Developer Pack

by David Coombes, posted Jul 28 2014

We are incredibly proud of the latest member of the NVIDIA SHIELD family. We think every Android developer should be excited to get their hands on one. Here are 4 reasons why you want to develop on NVIDIA SHIELD tablet: Performance for Developers The Tegra K1 delivers unprecedented levels of horsepower combined with the best developer tools in the industry. If you are developing AAA content for Android you need a development platform that is ahead of where the competition will be in...

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Android, GameWorks, Tegra Android Developer Pack, Tegra Developer Stories

by David Coombes, posted Jul 24 2014

This month we welcome two new members to the NVIDIA SHIELD family. Designed with gamers in mind, the SHIELD Tablet offers PC-grade performance, crystal clear audio, and the best entertainment and gaming content. Pair it with the optional SHIELD Wireless Controller and you have the ultimate tablet experience for PC and Android gamers. If you are developing Android content, these new products represent the cutting edge of performance today and are backed by the best development...

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by Monier Maher, posted Jul 10 2014

NVIDIA FlameWorks is a system for generating cinematic fire, smoke, and explosion effects for games. It combines a state-of-the-art, grid-based fluid simulator with an efficient volume rendering engine. The simulator uses a highly optimized solver, which enables the simulation of high-resolution grids in real-time. It supports collisions with standard primitives, and includes a combustion model for generating flame effects. The system is highly customizable and supports user defined...

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GameWorks, OpenGL, OpenGL ES, Samples

by Eric Foo, posted Jul 08 2014

Version 1.2 brings a new platform, new samples, and full source on GitHub! The NVIDIA GameWorks Graphics and Compute Samples for OpenGL version 1.2 are now available. The new samples in version 1.2 include: Two OpenGL Compute Shader samples that demonstrate compute/graphics interoperation generating particles and surfaces. Full-scene antialiasing via FXAA. High Dynamic Range rendering with tonemapping and multiple “flare”...

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Android TV, google io, tegra

by Andrew Edelsten, posted Jul 07 2014

At the annual Google I/O developer conference in June, Google announced a raft of new initiatives and technologies for Android. The most exciting pieces for us here at NVIDIA DevZone were: The Android L release will support 64 bit processors using ARMv8. NVIDIA working with Epic Games and Google to create "Rivalry" to show off the new Android Extension Pack to OpenGL ES 3.1 and the NVIDIA Tegra K1 being the first GPU to support AEP. The amazing reception of the Tegra K1...

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