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Make the Most of NVIDIA GTC 2024 with In-Person, Hands-On Learning

We are so excited to be back in person at GTC this year at the San Jose Convention Center. With thousands of developers, industry leaders, researchers, and partners in attendance, attending GTC in person gives you the unique opportunity to network with legends in technology and AI, and experience NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang’s keynote live on-stage at the SAP Center. 

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Explore the technology pavilions with the latest in generative AI, robotics, and autonomous vehicles and attend a selection of the 900 in-person sessions. You can also efficiently build your career skills through technical hands-on training and NVIDIA certifications only available live at GTC.

One of the biggest challenges at the conference is deciding the most optimal way to spend your time. We’ve got you covered with Developer Days—curated sessions designed around your areas of interest.

Developer Days at GTC

Developer Days at GTC are one of the most anticipated series of events for those attending in person. Spread out over four days, these immersive, focused events are specifically designed for networking with experts in various fields and learning about the latest tech innovations, some directly with hands-on training. 

No need to worry about making it to your next session. These rooms are curated with the topics and sessions most relevant to your interests.

OpenUSD Day, March 19

Join this full day of sessions about building generative AI-enabled 3D pipelines and tools using Universal Scene Description (OpenUSD) for industrial digitalization. 

Attend in person for your chance to win cool prizes, including an NVIDIA GPU. Also, get the opportunity to network with OpenUSD experts and meet with an NVIDIA Omniverse Community team member for 1:1 help.

View OpenUSD Day sessions 

Healthcare and Life Sciences Developer Days, March 19–21

Join us for an immersive learning, collaboration, and skill elevation in healthcare and life sciences.  Choose from one of three tracks: 

  • Discover how BioNeMo can accelerate your computer-aided drug discovery (CADD) workflows.
  • Explore the real-time, low-latency, and domain-agnostic NVIDIA Holoscan platform.
  • Dive into MONAI Cloud APIs for biomedical imaging workflows. 

View Healthcare and Life Science Developer Days sessions 

Cybersecurity Developer Day, March 20

Get hands-on, instructor-led experience in using large language models (LLMs), generative AI, retrieval-augmented generation (RAG), and machine learning techniques to drastically strengthen your cybersecurity capabilities.

You’ll learn best practices for using LLMs and RAG to address cybersecurity challenges, how the NVIDIA AI Red team is applying these techniques to enhance the capabilities of human analysts, and how to harness the power of generative AI for cyber defense.

View Cybersecurity Developer Day sessions

Speech and Generative AI Developer Day, March 21

Join us in person to learn how to use speech and translation AI with large language models and retrieval-augmented generation applications and transform chatbots into powerful multilingual virtual assistants and avatars. 

Talks, demos, and industry expert panels provide deep insights to jump-start your development, customization, and deployment efforts.

View Speech and Generative AI Developer Day sessions

DRIVE Developer Day, March 21

Join NVIDIA experts as they deep-dive into the latest advancements in autonomous vehicle development. Topics span generative AI, simulation, large language models, and mapless driving.

View DRIVE Developer Day sessions

NVIDIA Jetson and Robotics Developer Day: March 21

Attend a full day of sessions that explore building next-gen AI-powered robotics and edge applications on the NVIDIA Jetson, NVIDIA Isaac, and NVIDIA Metropolis platforms. 

Sessions are tailored to the needs of both beginners and more advanced practitioners. Plus, there will be an Ask the Experts panel, as well as the opportunity to see the latest Jetson community projects

View NVIDIA Jetson and Robotics Developer Day sessions

Exclusive in-person GTC experiences

You won’t want to miss the unique experiences that come with your conference pass, including Jensen Huang’s keynote live on stage at the SAP Center, Technology Pavilions with the latest in robotics, generative AI, and autonomous vehicles, and exclusive demos covering the groundbreaking power of generative AI across industries.

GTC also offers a variety of live learning and development opportunities. Attendees can choose from six in-person, full-day, instructor-led, hands-on technical workshops spanning generative AI, data science, deep learning, and OpenUSD. Four of the workshops are new and offered for the first time at GTC

  • Efficient Large Language Model Customization
  • Generative AI with Diffusion Models
  • Rapid Application Development Using Large Language Models
  • Bootstrapping Computer Vision Models with Synthetic Data.

For the first time at GTC, we are offering the opportunity to get certified to a limited number of on-site attendees. This includes the opportunity to take our new generative AI certification exams

GTC is full of opportunities to connect with your peers and leaders in the industry. Schedule a meetup to talk with someone who shares your passion for accelerated computing using Braindate. Grab a spot at our Connect with Experts zone and get answers to your most pressing questions straight from NVIDIA technology experts.

A fan favorite is Dinner with Strangers, where you can join lively discussions over a meal with 10–20 fellow attendees at pre-reserved tables in the hottest restaurants in San Jose. Table size is limited, so book early.

Don’t forget to explore the Exhibit Hall filled with demos from NVIDIA and our partners on the latest technological innovations using GPUs, stop by the ever-changing AI art exhibit by Refik Anadol, and pick up your limited edition NVIDIA swag at the GTC NVIDIA Gear Store.

Top developer conference sessions

Want to see more? Learn about the latest advancements in AI with these top recommended developer sessions at GTC and start building your schedule.

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GTC is the developer conference of the year. Don’t miss your opportunity to sit side by side with luminaries at the forefront of the latest technology advancements, network with your peers live from around the world, and get in-person hands-on help. Add these sessions to your calendar to make sure you have a front-row seat to history in the making.

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