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Top Data Science Sessions from NVIDIA GTC 2024 Now Available On Demand

3 sessions for data scientists to watch from NVIDIA GTC 2024

At GTC 2024, experts from NVIDIA and our partners shared insights about GPU-accelerated tools, optimizations, and best practices for data scientists. From the hundreds of sessions covering various topics, we’ve handpicked the top three data science sessions that you won’t want to miss.

RAPIDS in 2024: Accelerated Data Science Everywhere 

Speakers: Dante Gama Dessavre, Machine Learning Engineering Manager at NVIDIA; Nick Becker, Senior Technical Product Manager at NVIDIA

During this presentation, our team announced that RAPIDS now allows ‌data scientists to access GPU acceleration while still being able to use your preferred tools for dataframes, machine learning, graph analytics, vector databases, and even LLM-based workflows. The team also presented exciting updates on how you can tap into accelerated computing, as well as the RAPIDS roadmap for 2024. 

Accelerating Pandas with Zero Code Change using RAPIDS cuDF

Speaker: Ashwin Srinath, Senior Software Engineer at NVIDIA 

Many frameworks claim to improve performance, but often only support a restricted range of Pandas functions, require significant code modifications, and struggle to interact with or accelerate third-party code with zero code change required. This session provides an overview of how RAPIDS cuDF can deliver significantly faster performance (10-100x faster) while still allowing you to write code using Pandas.

Insights from Kaggle Grandmasters and Experts on Competitive AI and LLM Frontiers

Speakers: Chris Deotte, Senior Data Scientist at NVIDIA; David Austin, Principal Data Scientist at NVIDIA; Kazuki Onodera, Senior Deep Learning Data Scientist at NVIDIA; Jiwei Liu, Senior Data Scientist at NVIDIA; Laura Leal-Taixe, Senior Research Manager at NVIDIA

A distinguished panel of Kaggle Grandmasters and experts in computer vision, LLMs, and data science competitions discuss the best practices in AI and insights into the strategies that lead to their top performances in AI challenges.

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