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Data Science

NLP and Text Processing with RAPIDS: Now Simpler and Faster

TL;DR: Google famously noted that “speed isn’t just a feature, it’s the feature,” This is not only true for search engines but all of RAPIDS. In this post… 3 MIN READ
Data Science

Learning to Defend AI Deployments Using an Exploit Simulation Environment

MintNV, an AI/ML educational exercise that showcases how an adversary can bypass defensive ML mechanisms to compromise a host, is now on the NVIDIA NGC catalog. 2 MIN READ
Data Science

An End-to-End Blueprint for Customer Churn Modeling and Prediction-Part 2

Machine learning techniques attract a great deal of popular attention: it isn't difficult to find articles explaining how to extract features or train models. 10 MIN READ
Data Science

Interactively Visualizing a DriveTime Radius from Any Point in the US

Geospatial analytics is an important part of real estate decisions for businesses, especially for retailers. There are many factors that go into deciding where… 8 MIN READ
Data Science

Enabling Predictive Maintenance Using Root Cause Analysis, NLP, and NVIDIA Morpheus

Background Predictive maintenance is used for early fault detection, diagnosis, and prediction when maintenance is needed in various industries including oil… 6 MIN READ
Data Science

Run State of the Art NLP Workloads at Scale with RAPIDS, HuggingFace, and Dask

Modern natural language processing (NLP) mixes modeling, feature engineering, and general text processing. Deep learning NLP models can provide fantastic… 6 MIN READ