Algorithm Identifies Skin Cancer as Accurately as a Dermatologist

Features, Research, CUDA, cuDNN, GeForce, Healthcare & Life Sciences, Higher Education / Academia, Image Recognition, Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

Nadeem Mohammad, posted Jan 25 2017

Stanford researchers developed a deep learning-based algorithm to visually diagnose potential cancer. “We realized it was feasible, not just to do something well, but as well as a human dermatologist,” said Sebastian Thrun, an adjunct professor in the Stanford Artificial Intelligence Laboratory. “That’s when our thinking changed. That’s when we said, ‘Look, this is not

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AI Technology Helps Drones Sense and Avoid Obstacles

News, Cloud, Image Recognition, Jetson, Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence, Robotics

Nadeem Mohammad, posted Jan 25 2017

Irish Automation, a Vancouver-based startup, raised $1.5M to bring their technology to industrial-type drones. Using NVIDIA GPUs on the Amazon cloud to train their deep learning models and a Jetson TX1 onboard the UAV, Iris’ technology analyzes and draws insights from videos captured by the drone’s cameras in real-time. Its system has a detection range

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Share Your Science: Combating Cancer with Deep Learning

Research, cuDNN, Healthcare & Life Sciences, Image Recognition, Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence, Medical Imaging, Tesla

Nadeem Mohammad, posted Jan 24 2017

Le Lu, staff scientist at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) shares how they are applying artificial intelligence techniques to assist cancer clinicians make better diagnostic decisions.  Using NVIDIA Tesla GPUs and the cuDNN-accelerated Caffe deep learning framework, Lu and his team trained their model on nearly one million patient cases which helped them develop

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Actress Kristen Stewart Co-Authored AI Style Transfer Paper

Research, Cloud, CUDA, cuDNN, Image Recognition, Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence, Media & Entertainment

Nadeem Mohammad, posted Jan 20 2017

The Twilight actress made her directorial debut in a short film Come Swim, shown yesterday at the Sundance Film Festival and features the use of the popular neural “style transfer” technique to build its story. The project, co-authored with an Adobe research engineer, is a great case study on the ability to use style transfer

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Microsoft PIX for Windows (beta) now available

GameWorks, DirectX 12

David Coombes, posted Jan 20 2017

PIX, the legendary performance tuning tool used by Xbox developers is now available for Windows developers using DirectX12.

PIX on Windows provides five main modes of operation:

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