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AI / Deep Learning

N Ways to SAXPY: Demonstrating the Breadth of GPU Programming Options

Back in 2012, NVIDIAN Mark Harris wrote Six Ways to Saxpy, demonstrating how to perform the SAXPY operation on a GPU in multiple ways… 9 MIN READ

Accelerating Fortran DO CONCURRENT with GPUs and the NVIDIA HPC SDK

Fortran developers have long been able to accelerate their programs using CUDA Fortran or OpenACC. Now with the latest 20.11 release of the NVIDIA HPC SDK… 13 MIN READ

Accelerating Standard C++ with GPUs Using stdpar

Historically, accelerating your C++ code with GPUs has not been possible in Standard C++ without using language extensions or additional libraries: CUDA C++… 19 MIN READ

12 Things You Should Know about the Tesla Accelerated Computing Platform

You may already know NVIDIA Tesla as a line of GPU accelerator boards optimized for high-performance, general-purpose computing. They are used for parallel… 14 MIN READ

Six Ways to SAXPY

For even more ways to SAXPY using the latest NVIDIA HPC SDK with standard language parallelism, see N Ways to SAXPY: Demonstrating the Breadth of GPU… 8 MIN READ
Accelerated Computing

In the Trenches at GTC: Languages, APIs and Development Tools for GPU Computing

By Michael Wang, The University Of Melbourne, Australia (GTC '12 Guest Blogger) It’s 9 am, the first morning session of the pre-conference Tutorial Day. 3 MIN READ