DRIVE Planning enables creating origin-to-destination plans. This includes lane planning, behavioral planning as well route planning. DRIVE Planning empowers developers to innovate behavior planning as well as control and actuation AV functionalities.

DRIVE Planning is suited for the following objective:

  • Determine the drive plan for an autonomous vehicle using perception algorithms, HD maps and localization algorithms

  • Note: Drive plan can include one or all of: lane plan, route plan, and the vehicle behavior plan.


Lane Planning

Lane Planner takes HD Map, localization, and route information data to create an origin-to-destination lane plan. Lane plan includes lane keep, lane change, lane fork/split, and lane merge modes, and notifications of lane plan modes for behavior planning. This module provides estimated-time-of-arrival (ETA) to destination, live tracking of vehicle location on the created lane plan, and perform online re-planning.

Behavior Planning And Route Planning Functions

Coming Soon.

DRIVE Planning In Action - Safety Force Field

Safety Force Field

Real world traffic is unpredictable. To be truly safe, vehicles need to be able to monitor their surroundings and shield occupants from potential hazards and collisions. The NVIDIA Safety Force Field (SFF) delivers that added layer of safety. It’s a powerful computational framework that keeps vehicles out of harm’s way and ensures they won’t contribute to or cause an unsafe situation.

  An Introduction to Safety Force Field (PDF)

  The Safety Force Field (Mathematical Deep Dive) (PDF)

Developing with DRIVE Planning

How to set up

You will need:


  • Install DRIVE Planning via the SDK Manager.
  • Consult the Roadrunner* Users Guide (DRIVE AV → Roadrunner → Roadrunner Reference → Architecture) included in the DRIVE Software Documentation.
  • * Roadrunner is NVIDIA’s Autonomous Driving Application developed using the DriveWorks SDK.

How to develop

Development Tasks Getting Started
Experience DRIVE Planning using Roadrunner* application
* Roadrunner is NVIDIA’s Autonomous Driving Application developed using the DriveWorks SDK

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