DeepStream’s multi-platform support gives you a faster, easier way to develop vision AI applications and services. You can even deploy them on premises, on the edge, and in the cloud with just the click of a button.

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What is NVIDIA DeepStream?

NVIDIA’s DeepStream SDK is a complete streaming analytics toolkit based on GStreamer for AI-based multi-sensor processing, video, audio, and image understanding. It’s ideal for vision AI developers, software partners, startups, and OEMs building IVA apps and services.

You can now create stream-processing pipelines that incorporate neural networks and other complex processing tasks like tracking, video encoding/decoding, and video rendering. These pipelines enable real-time analytics on video, image, and sensor data.

What is DeepStream and how does the software stack look like
DeepStream is an integral part of NVIDIA Metropolis, the platform for building end-to-end services and solutions that transform pixel and sensor data to actionable insights.


Powerful and Flexible SDK

DeepStream SDK is ideal for a wide range of use cases across a broad set of industries.

Multiple Programming Options

Create powerful vision AI applications using C/C++, Python, or Graph Composer’s simple and intuitive UI.

Real-Time Insights

Understand rich and multi-modal real-time sensor data at the edge.

Managed AI Services

Deploy AI services in cloud native containers and orchestrate them using Kubernetes.

Reduced TCO

ncrease stream density by training, adapting, and optimizing models with TAO toolkit and deploying models with DeepStream.

Unique Capabilities

Enjoy Seamless Development From Edge to Cloud

DeepStream gives you a faster, easier way to build seamless streaming pipelines for AI-based video, audio, and image analytics. It ships with 40+ hardware-accelerated plugins and extensions to optimize pre/post processing, inference, multi-object tracking, message brokers, and more. Plus, it offers some of the world's best-performing real-time, multi-object trackers.

Use DeepStream’s off-the-shelf containers to easily build cloud native applications that can be deployed on public and private clouds, on workstations powered with NVIDIA GPUs, or on NVIDIA Jetson. Its “develop once, deploy anywhere” approach simplifies code management and provides great scalability. The DeepStream Container Builder tool also makes it easier to build high-performance, cloud-native AI applications with NVIDIA NGC containers that are easily deployed at scale and managed with Kubernetes and Helm Charts.

DeepStream REST-APIs let you manage multiple parameters at run-time, simplifying the creation of SaaS solutions. With standard REST-API interface, you can build web portals for control and configuration or integrate into your existing applications.

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DeepStream helps developers build seamless streaming pipeline for AI based video analytics
DeepStream is integrated with NVIDIA Metropolis for complete end-to-end AI solutions

Build End-to-End AI Solutions

Speed up overall development efforts and unlock greater real-time performance by building an end-to-end vision AI system with NVIDIA Metropolis. Start with production-quality vision AI models, adapt and optimize them with TAO Toolkit, and deploy using DeepStream.

Get incredible flexibility–from rapid prototyping to full production level solutions–and choose your inference path. With native integration to NVIDIA Triton™ Inference Server, you can deploy models in native frameworks such as PyTorch and TensorFlow for inference. Using NVIDIA TensorRT™ for high-throughput inference with options for multi-GPU, multi-stream, and batching support also helps you achieve the best possible performance.

PipeTuner 1.0, a new developer tool, now makes it easy to tune wide range of parameters to optimize AI pipelines for inference and tracking

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Accelerate Vision AI Development

The DeepStream SDK is bundled with 30+ sample applications designed to help you kick-start your development efforts. Most samples are available in C/C++, Python, and Graph Composer versions and run on both NVIDIA Jetson and dGPU platforms. With support for Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL2), you can now develop in Windows environments without the need to access remote Linux systems.

DeepStream Service Maker simplifies the development process by abstracting the complexities of GStreamer to easily build C++ object-oriented applications. Use Service Maker to build complete DeepStream pipelines with a few lines of code

DeepStream Libraries powered by CV-CUDA, NvImageCodec, and PyNvVideoCodec that offers low-level GPU-accelerated operations to optimize pre and post stages of vision AI pipelines.

Graph Composer gives DeepStream developers a powerful, low-code development option to create complex pipelines and quickly deploy them using Container Builder.

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DeepStream is bundled with multiple reference applications

Use DeepStream to build next generation AI applications
Siemens, HD Hyundai

Create Next-Generation AI Applications

Tight scheduling control, custom schedulers, and efficient resource management are all critical to integrating with deterministic systems such as robotic arms and automated quality control lines.

With the introduction of Graph eXecution Format (GXF), it’s easy to integrate with control signals that operate on a different time domain than the vision streaming sensors being processed by a DeepStream pipeline.

New reference applications help you jumpstart development of Generative AI applications. And new support for sensor fusion, BEVFusion, adds both lidar and radar inputs that can be fused with camera inputs bringing a new range of use cases for developers.

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Get Production-Ready Solution for Vision AI

DeepStream is available as a part of NVIDIA AI Enterprise, an end-to-end, secure, cloud-native AI software platform optimized to accelerate enterprises to the leading edge of AI.
NVIDIA AI Enterprise delivers validation and integration for NVIDIA AI open-source software, access to AI solution workflows to speed time to production, certifications to deploy AI everywhere, and enterprise-grade support, security, and API stability to mitigate the potential risks of open-source software.

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DeepStream  is part of NVIDIA AI Enterprise to help deploy AI anywhere.

Explore Multiple Programming Options


Create applications in C/C++, interact directly with GStreamer and DeepStream plug-ins, and use reference applications and templates.


DeepStream pipelines can be constructed using Gst Python, the GStreamer framework's Python bindings. The source code for the binding and Python sample applications are available on GitHub.

Graph Composer

Graph Composer is a low-code development tool that enhances the DeepStream user experience. Using a simple, intuitive UI, processing pipelines are constructed with drag-and-drop operations.

Improve Accuracy and Real-Time Performance

Jetson Orin Nano Jetson Orin NX Jetson Orin AGX™ T4 A2 A10 A30 A100 H100 L40 L4 Quadro (A6000) A4000 L4000 ARM SBSA
Application Models Tracker Infer Resolution Precision GPU GPU DLA1 DLA2 GPU DLA1 DLA2 GPU GPU GPU GPU GPU GPU GPU GPU GPU GPU GPU GPU
People Detect PeopleNet-ResNet34 (v2.3.3) No Tracker 960x544 INT8 256 372 175 175 970 329 329 912 610 2059 3273 4952 6920 4443 1674 2787 1282 1512 6977
PeopleNet-ResNet34 (v2.3.3) NvDCF (Accuracy) 960x544 INT8 82 128 77 77 318 196 196 429 295 1009 1229 2040 2936 1870 701 1301 746 623 3613
PeopleNet-ResNet34 (v2.3.3) NvDCF (Performance) 960x544 INT8 215 315 170 170 625 310 310 866 568 2063 2806 4250 6103 4278 1563 2855 1277 1413 5788
License Plate Recognition TrafficCamNet
NvDCF 960x544
120 180 - - 370 - - 382 253 1071 1327 2150 2801 2280 741 1404 788 670 N/A
3D Body Pose Estimation PeopleNet-ResNet34 BodyPose3D NvDCF 960x544
28 -40 - - 76 - - 101 67 160 128 151 255 226 200 235 148 104 313
Action Recognition ActionRecognitionNet (3DConv) No Tracker 224x224x3x32 FP16 34 51 - - 147 - - 173 74 450 552 996 1270 870 313 638 319 300 1910

RTX GPUs performance is only reported for flagship product(s). All SKUs support DeepStream.

The DeepStream SDK lets you apply AI to streaming video and simultaneously optimize video decode/encode, image scaling, and conversion and edge-to-cloud connectivity for complete end-to-end performance optimization.

To learn more about the performance using DeepStream, check the documentation.

Read Customer Stories

Industry.AI Customer Story   Pls ta

Optimizing Operations at Bengaluru Airport

Industry.AI used the NVIDIA Metropolis stack, including DeepStream, to increase the safety and efficiency of the airport. Using vision AI, it was able to track abandoned baggage, flag long passenger queues, and alert security teams of potential issues.

KoiReader Customer Story

Enhancing Distribution Center Operation

KoiReader developed an AI-powered machine vision solution using NVIDIA developer tools that included DeepStream SDK to help PepsiCo achieve precision and efficiency in dynamic distribution environments.

YMA  Customer Story Please take the image from the video

Scaling AI-Powered Smart Spaces

FYMA used NVIDIA DeepStream and NVIDIA Triton™ to improve AI-powered space analytics with frame rates exceeding previous benchmarks by 10X and accuracy by 3X.

General FAQ

DeepStream is a closed-source SDK. Note that sources for all reference applications and several plugins are available.

The DeepStream SDK can be used to build end-to-end AI-powered applications to analyze video and sensor data. Some popular use cases are retail analytics, parking management, managing logistics, optical inspection, robotics, and sports analytics.

Yes, that’s now possible with the integration of the Triton Inference server. Also with DeepStream 6.1.1, applications can communicate with independent/remote instances of Triton Inference Server using gPRC.

DeepStream supports several popular networks out of the box. For instance, DeepStream supports MaskRCNN. Also, DeepStream ships with an example to run the popular YOLO models, FasterRCNN, SSD and RetinaNet.

Yes, DS 6.0 or later supports the Ampere architecture

Yes, audio is supported with DeepStream SDK 6.1.1. To get started, download the software and review the reference audio and Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) applications. Learn more by reading the ASR DeepStream Plugin

Build high-performance vision AI apps and services using DeepStream SDK.

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