Unreal Engine is an award-winning 3D game engine and professional toolset used in blockbuster video game development, architectural visualization, mobile game development, 3D rendering, digital films and more.

Who's it for?

Anyone. Everyone. You. At GDC 2014, Epic Games released Unreal Engine 4 to the world, releasing all of its leading-edge tools, features and complete C++ source code to the development community to build games for PC, Mac, iOS and Android. Learn more here.

Why Unreal Engine?

Every aspect of the Unreal Engine toolset is designed with ease of content creation and programming in mind, empowering artists and designers to develop assets in a visual environment and giving programmers a highly modular, scalable and extensible framework for shipping games in a wide range of genres.

Also, UDK is not only a set of rendering tools, it also contains a vast array of APIs and tools designed to let you create real world physics, powered by NVIDIA's PhysX engine, as well as built-in game networking, artificial intelligence, facial animations, video codecs, foliage editors, audio support, and powerful scripting.

Develop on NVIDIA Hardware!

NVIDIA and Epic have a long history of collaboration. In fact, UE4 is optimized for NVIDIA GPUs and mobile chips.

"Epic developed Unreal Engine 4 on NVIDIA hardware, and it looks and runs best on GeForce."

Tim Sweeney, founder, CEO and technical director of Epic Games.

In addition, Epic Games uses NVIDIA Tegra Android Development Pack and Nsight Tegra, Visual Studio Edition as their Android development environment for Windows PCs.

"NVIDIA's Tegra Android Development Pack (TADP) and Nsight Tegra Visual Studio Edition 1.5 enable a turnkey Unreal Engine 4 development environment for Android. These tools simplify installation of an Android development environment, and ensure that Visual Studio building and debugging of UE4 and NDK is completely seamless."

Epic Games on NVIDIA Tegra Android Development Pack and Nsight Tegra.