Data Center Infrastructure on a Chip Architecture

The NVIDIA® DOCA software development kit enables developers to rapidly create applications and services on top of NVIDIA BlueField data processing units (DPUs), leveraging industry-standard APIs.

With DOCA, program the data center infrastructure of tomorrow by creating high-performance, software-defined, cloud-native, DPU-accelerated services to address the increasing performance and security demands of modern data centers.


The DOCA SDK enables developers to create network, storage, security, management, and AI/HPC applications and services for NVIDIA BlueField DPUs. DOCA provides a highly flexible environment for developing containerized applications and services that run on NVIDIA BlueField DPUs while seamlessly leveraging embedded hardware accelerators and programmable engines to boost performance.

The DOCA SDK provides industry-standard open APIs and frameworks, including Data Plane Development Kit (DPDK) and P4 for networking and security and the Storage Performance Development Kit (SPDK) for storage. The frameworks simplify application offload with integrated NVIDIA acceleration packages. The DOCA-based services are exposed in the compute nodes as industry-standard I/O interfaces, enabling infrastructure virtualization and isolation. The SDK supports a range of operating systems and distributions and includes drivers, libraries, tools, documentation, and example applications.

100% Software Defined

NVIDIA DOCA is a highly programmable SDK which integrates industry-standard open APIs for software-defined networking and storage, security services, and programmable P4 functionality.

Secure Speed-of-Light Performance

With DPU-accelerated data processing, networking, storage, and security services are offloaded to the DPU while data is securely delivered to
workloads at wire speed.

Elastic Infrastructure

I/O virtualization and disaggregated storage make it easy to create a composable infrastructure that simplifies the deployment of cloud-native services with industry-standard interfaces.

Key SDK Components

  • Industry-standard APIs: DPDK, SPDK, P4
  • Network acceleration SDK: ASAP2 SDN, emulated VirtIO, P4, 5T for 5G technology
  • Security acceleration SDK: inline cryptography, deep packet inspection
  • Storage acceleration SDK: storage emulation and virtualization, crypto and compression
  • RDMA acceleration SDK: UCX, RDMA verbs, GPUDirect®
  • Management SDK: deployment, provisioning, service orchestration
  • User space and kernel

BlueField DPU OS and Drivers

  • The BlueField DOCA SDK for Arm is packaged with different OS flavors and includes the bootloader, OS kernel, necessary NIC firmware, NVIDIA® drivers, sample filesystem, toolchain, and more coming certified as part of the NGC™ catalog.
  • Ubuntu Server 20.04 ships with the NVIDIA BlueField DPUs as commercial-grade Linux distribution with continuous OS and security updates.
  • BlueOS ships with the NVIDIA BlueField DPU Controller. BlueOS is a reference Linux distribution based on the Yocto Poky distribution.
  • BlueField DOCA SDK will also be available as a standalone package without a bundled OS that can be installed on popular OSs for Arm and x86 architecture.


BlueField DPU Software Downloads

To experience DOCA today, download the BlueField DPU software package below that enables developers to experience BlueField DPU capabilities and create applications that leverage its rich feature set with DOCA runtime accelerated libraries for networking, security, and storage


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Version Download MD5SUM
2.6.0-61 BlueField-BMC-2.6.0-61-software.tar.x fadbd51b8f7a5fa16c2107e96939efbc
BlueField-BMC-2.6.0-61-image-bmc 39d4b73599e024c6b944d84ac67d8f4f
2.6.0-58 BlueField-BMC-2.6.0-58-software.tar.x 9A62F61A740F16401B2681A9F662989C
BlueField-BMC-2.6.0-58-image-bmc 6404BD5F5BB70F6D7D1E547F3DFD5820
2.6.0-55 BlueField-BMC-2.6.0-55-software.tar.x 0390ae8a340feeaeaaac4aedd05b5c6c
BlueField-BMC-2.6.0-55-image-bmc 457cd96d1283bb052bca27ab3696107d
2.6.0-53 BlueField-BMC-2.6.0-53-software.tar.x 7c9329e0d19f9f1ed5b97ccf3466c3a1
BlueField-BMC-2.6.0-53-image-bmc c75e39c784bfb998d87a4663fd2c35aa
6.0.00200-64 BlueField-BMC-6.0.0200-64-software.tar.xz 04b81cd0a1a271c903947e415efffb25
BlueField-BMC-6.0.0200-64-image-bmc b6e6d2889afb301667084a1db668b55a