NVIDIA cuLitho

Accelerate computational lithography

NVIDIA cuLitho is a library with optimized tools and algorithms for GPU-accelerating computational lithography and the manufacturing process of semiconductors by orders of magnitude over current CPU-based methods.

Manufacturing computer chips requires a critical step called computational lithography – a complex computation – involving electromagnetic physics, photochemistry, computational geometry, iterative optimization, and distributed computing.

This computational lithography step is already one of the largest compute workloads in semiconductor production, necessitating massive data centers, and the silicon miniaturization evolution process exponentially amplifies the computation requirements over time.

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The Challenge

Advanced computational lithography (cuLitho) techniques for computer chips

As silicon feature sizes become smaller, and the impacts of optical diffraction have to be offset, there arises a need to proactively manipulate mask patterns with optical proximity correction (OPC) or inverse lithography technology (ILT) to accurately image wafers. This requires advanced computational lithography techniques and increased compute efficiency. Every industry needs to accelerate every workload, so that we can reclaim power and do more with less.


Acceleration libraries are at the core of accelerated computing. NVIDIA cuLitho is a library that targets the emerging challenges of nanoscale computational lithography. With GPUs, it accelerates inverse lithography by 40X, helping create new solutions to make future semiconductor technologies cheaper and more predictable. It introduces new innovations and leverages decades of investment in CUDA® infrastructure.


 Improved performance from faster computational lithography ILT

Faster inverse lithography technology (ILT) powers a 40X performance speedup, generating accurate photomasks faster.


 Increased productivity with cuLitho

Photomasks that took two weeks can be processed overnight.

3X to 5X more masks can be generated per day.

Cost Savings

 cuLitho helps with cost savings by using less data center power

500 NVIDIA Hopper™ GPU systems running cuLitho can do the work of 40,000 CPU systems. That's 1/9 the power and 1/8 the space.

Future Silicon Scaling

 New lithography innovations can support future silicon scaling

Faster OPC enables new lithography innovations to address miniaturization of next-generation semiconductors, including subatomic modeling, curvilinear OPC, and high-numerical aperture extreme-ultraviolet (high-NA EUV) lithography.


Semiconductor and electronic design automation (EDA) industry leaders are leveraging NVIDIA cuLitho to drive silicon scaling and enable their end users to reduce costs and accelerate technology advancements.