NVIDIA Omniverse Replicator

NVIDIA Omniverse™ Replicator is an advanced, extensible SDK that enables researchers, developers, and enterprises to generate physically accurate 3D synthetic data, and easily build custom synthetic data generation (SDG) tools to accelerate the training and accuracy of perception networks.

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The Omniverse Replicator SDK is exposed as a set of Omniverse extensions, content, and examples within Omniverse Code.

The key benefits of Omniverse Replicator.

Integrate Seamlessly with Existing Tools

Built on open-sourced standards like USD, PhysX, and MDL, Replicator easily integrates and connects to existing pipelines and can easily export-import assets to and from existing 3D DCC ecosystems.

Easily Extend and Customize Workflows

Expose Replicator within Omniverse Code, or quickly and easily assemble your custom app to suit your workflow with simple-to-use Omni.UI features and Python scripting.

Achieve Unprecedented Model Accuracy

Generate highly accurate, physically accurate, photoreal synthetic data leading to more accurate, reliable, and optimized perception models.

Generate Quality Data Faster Than Ever

Replicator easily scales across multi-GPU, multi-node compute resources to easily batch massive synthetic data generation tasks.

Get started building your synthetic data pipeline.

There are multiple steps to building a robust, iterative synthetic data generation pipeline. Explore the solutions below and developer tools to help you in your journey.

3D Assets Content

3D Assets Content

SimReady Assets

Get started quickly with SimReady Universal Scene Description (USD) assets to use as synthetic data sets for AI-based training. Explore the SimReady assets by downloading Omniverse beta.

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Replicator SDK

Generate Data

Replicator SDK

Omniverse Replicator SDK is available in Omniverse Code from the Omniverse Launcher. Omniverse Code is an integrated development environment for developers and power users.

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Replicator Insight


Replicator Insight

Available in the Omniverse Launcher, Omniverse Replicator Insight is an app that enables developers to quickly view, navigate, and inspect their synthetically generated renders.

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Where to use Omniverse Replicator.

Local, On-Premises

Local, On-Premises

Download Omniverse Replicator and use it on your local RTX-enabled laptop, workstation or deploy in the data center.

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Developers can now access Omniverse Replicator in the Cloud, optimized for maximum performance and efficiency in 3D data generation.

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Built on Omniverse Replicator.

NVIDIA and the developer ecosystem have built domain-specific synthetic data generation tools on Omniverse Replicator. Explore ready-made tools and get started on your synthetic data workflows today.

Self-Driving Cars

DRIVE Replicator

DRIVE Replicator is a purpose-built framework that generates pixel-accurate ground truth synthetic data for autonomous vehicle perception algorithms. Part of the NVIDIA DRIVE Sim tool suite, DRIVE Replicator builds on the Omniverse Replicator with specialized sensor types, data generation tools, and data writers specific for AV development.

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Isaac Replicator

NVIDIA Isaac Sim is a scalable robotics simulation application and synthetic data generation tool that powers photorealistic, physically accurate virtual environments to develop, test, and manage AI-based robots. Its powerful synthetic data generation capabilities are built on the Omniverse Replicator synthetic data-generation engine.

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Lightning AI

Lightning AI

Lightning AI built a machine learning app that uses Omniverse Replicator to generate synthetic data.

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Smart Cow

Smart Cow

Smart Cow uses synthetic data generation for AI training of video and image recognition.

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Mirage ML

Mirage ML uses Omniverse Replicator to help machine learning (ML) engineers generate high-fidelity data to improve their ML models.

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See the latest synthetic data news.

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Learn how Omniverse Replicator can scale training and performance of AI perception networks.

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Watch how to build custom synthetic data generation pipelines with Omniverse Replicator.

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Consult the Omniverse Replicator documentation.

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Dive into the step-by-step Omniverse Replicator tutorials.

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