NVIDIA AI Workbench Early Access

This is a registered, invite-only program for enterprise applicants to use the pre-release version of NVIDIA AI Workbench, a multi-OS client application for reproducible and portable GPU workloads announced at SIGGRAPH 2023. Register using your company email and complete the questionnaire so we can evaluate and grant access.

Please note: We’ve received an overwhelming amount of interest in this program and are working hard to expand access. Your application may take 2+ weeks to be reviewed. Thank you for your patience.

Apply for Early Access

Why Join the Program?

AI Workbench is a multi-OS client application that provides reproducibility and portability for GPU workloads for users working in JupyterLab and VS Code. Enterprises can use it for data science, machine learning, and AI development.

Program participants will get a head start on using this new approach, speed their time-to-value with generative AI, enhance user productivity, and improve the economics of where GPU workloads are run.

NVIDIA resources

Access to NVIDIA Resources

Participants will have access to example Projects for a variety of use cases and NVIDIA frameworks, such as Large Language Models, Stable Diffusion, NeMo, TensorRT, Triton and RAPIDS.

Training, collaboration, & support

Training, Collaboration, & Support

The NVIDIA team will train and assist with application use, adapting example Projects to new use cases, and resolving issues with the application and projects.

Road map prioritization

Road Map Prioritization

Participants will work closely with the NVIDIA product team for AI Workbench to fit use cases, infrastructure and IT constraints.

Follow the Steps to Apply

Follow the four steps below to request access to the pre-release AI Workbench.


Create a DevZone Account

The first step is creating a DevZone account.

Create DevZone Account


Fill the Early Access Form

Register for the program through the application form, making sure to use a business email address.

Apply for Early Access


Await Email Confirmation

If you’re a potential fit, we’ll schedule a meeting to scope a potential program.

If you’re approved, you’ll get a welcome email with onboarding instructions.


Onboard & Work with NVIDIA

You will get access to the application and example Projects so you can work with the NVIDIA team to ensure your program is a success.