NVIDIA AI Workbench

Develop and deploy generative AI and GPU-enabled machine learning solutions anywhere.

NVIDIA AI Workbench is an enterprise-ready toolkit for developing AI and machine learning projects from open-source models and software on your choice of GPU-enabled systems.

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Up and Running in Minutes

Be up and running in minutes with your local GPU on Windows or Ubuntu.

Three monitors showing different workloads: a robot, DNA, and a chart.

Portability and Reproducibility

Collaborate through GitHub and GitLab with full portability and reproducibility.

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Work Between Systems

Migrate work between systems, local or cloud, in a few clicks.

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Scale-Out Platforms

Push to scale-out platforms for effortless laptop-to-cloud workflows

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Optimize Costs and Security

Optimize costs and security by controlling where you develop and compute.

Roadmap of Beta Features Versus General Availability (GA) Features

AI Workbench has progressed from command-line interface (CLI)-only to a rich desktop app experience—all while adding feature richness for Windows, Linux, and macOS environments. The upcoming GA release will add functionality beyond the beta release in addition to improvements learned from the beta.

Graph image of a roadmap from October to March showing the dates of different feature releases for AI Workbench

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Get a quick understanding of AI Workbench, how it’s installed, and the environments it supports.

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