GeForce Developer Day, GDC 2015

A full day of NVIDIA GeForce related presentations:

New GPU Features of NVIDIA’s Maxwell Architecture

NVIDIA’s GeForce® GTX™ 900-series GPUs, powered by NVIDIA Maxwell™ architecture, are the most power-efficient graphics cards on the planet. But Maxwell is also a trove of new and exciting graphics features that can be used to implement effects and techniques not previously possible. In this talk, we’ll discuss new functionality enabled by the Maxwell architecture, and examine practical ways to use those features.

File: Maxwell_Archictecture_GDC15.pdf

  • Holger Gruen (Sr. Developer Technology Engineer, NVIDIA)

NVIDIA SLI and Stutter Avoidance: A Recipe for Smooth Gaming and Perfect Scaling with Multiple GPUs

Owners of PCs with NVIDIA® SLI® setups are your most influential and demanding end-users. This talk will introduce tools and techniques for analyzing SLI performance issues, the implementation choices that can lead to limited SLI scaling, and some alternative choices that will make your application more SLI-friendly. We’ll also cover some of the more common sources of frame stutter and ways to detect and eliminate it to enable perfectly smooth gameplay.

File: Stutter_Avoidance_GDC15.pdf
File: SLI_GDC15.pdf

  • Iain Cantlay (Sr. Developer Technology Engineer, NVIDIA)
  • Lars Nordskog (Developer Technology Engineer, NVIDIA)

Far Cry 4, Assassin's Creed Unity, and War Thunder: Spicing up PC graphics with GameWorks

In this session we'll talk about how NVIDIA GameWorks™ technology helped create world-class graphics in some of UbiSoft's hottest titles. The talk will describe technical challenges that engineers and artists faced and solved together to make these great-looking games look even more stunning on the PC.

File: GameWorks in Far Cry 4, Assassins Creed and War Thunder

  • Andrei Tatarinov (Sr. Developer Technology Engineer, NVIDIA)
  • Alexandr Polischuk (Sr. Rendering Engineer, UbiSoft)
  • Tim Tcheblokov (Sr. Developer Technology Engineer, NVIDIA)
  • Anton Yudintsev (CEO, Gaijin)

VR Direct: How NVIDIA Technology Is Improving the VR Experience

Virtual reality is the next frontier of gaming, and NVIDIA is leading the way by introducing VR Direct—a set of hardware and software technologies designed to cut down graphics latency and accelerate stereo rendering performance. In this talk, we’ll show how developers can use NVIDIA GPUs and VR Direct to improve the gaming experience on the Oculus Rift and other VR headsets.

File: VR_Direct_GDC15.pdf

  • Nathan Reed (Developer Technology Engineer, NVIDIA)

NVIDIA VXGI: Dynamic Global Illumination for Games

In this talk, we’ll discuss VXGI, a new real-time dynamic global illumination technology from NVIDIA that can completely change the way that games look. We’ll demonstrate exciting new capabilities and describe what’s required to use VXGI in a rendering engine. We’ll also cover the basics of the algorithm that’s applied to compute indirect illumination, along with the limitations of this algorithm. Plus, we’ll show some techniques that you can use with VXGI’s custom voxelization and cone-tracing shaders.

File: VXGI_Dynamic_Global_Illumination_GDC15.pdf

  • Alexey Panteleev (Developer Technology Engineer, NVIDIA)

Brighter and Faster Graphics with NVIDIA Nsight Visual Studio Edition 4.5™ and Beyond

Learn about the latest release of NVIDIA® Nsight™ 4.5 and how developers like you use it to overcome feature development challenges and reach performance goals. Catch a sneak peek at new features to help you develop the next-generation engine that takes advantage of upcoming graphics APIs.

File: NsightVSE_GDC15.pdf

  • Jeffrey Kiel (Sr. SW Engineering Manager, Graphics Developer Tools, NVIDIA)
  • Russ Kerschner (Sr. SW Engineer, Graphics Developer Tools, NVIDIA)