You've got your DRIVE Hardware and are ready to get started. Here's some tools to help you on your way.

Get started with NVIDIA DriveInstall, your all-in-one DRIVE Platform development installer.



DriveInstall is an on-demand all-in-one package that bundles and installs all software tools required to develop for the DRIVE Platform (including flashing your DRIVE Hardware with the latest OS images). DriveInstall includes host and target development tools, APIs and packages (OS images, tools, APIs, middleware, samples, documentation including compiling samples) to enable developers to jump start their development environment for developing with the DRIVE Platform.

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Tegra® System Profiler

Tegra System Profiler is a multi-core CPU sampling profiler that provides an interactive view of captured profiling data, helping improve overall application performance.

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Tegra® Graphics Debugger

Tegra Graphics Debugger is a console-grade tool that allows you to debug and optimize your OpenGL and OpenGL ES applications, enabling you to get the latest, most advanced GPU features.

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NVIDIA PerfKit is a comprehensive suite of performance tools to help debug and profile OpenGL and Direct3D applications.

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NVIDIA® Visual Profiler

The NVIDIA Visual Profiler is a cross-platform performance profiling tool that delivers developers vital feedback for optimizing CUDA C/C++ applications.

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NVIDIA® Nsight™ Eclipse Edition

Develop your CUDA application within a powerful IDE designed to create the most homogeneous development environment for heterogeneous platforms. You can seamlessly debug CPU and CUDA code, profile your CUDA kernels and efficiently refactor your code to take advantage of the GPU.

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CUDA-MEMCHECK detects the source and cause of memory access errors in your GPU code and allows you to locate them quickly. CUDA-MEMCHECK also reports runtime execution errors, identifying situations that could otherwise result in an “unspecified launch failure” error when your application is running.

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CUDA-GDB provides a console-based debugging interface you can use from the command line on your local system or any remote system on which you have Telnet or SSH access. CUDA-GDB delivers a seamless debugging experience that allows you to debug both the CPU and GPU portions of your application simultaneously.

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CUDA nvprof

Profile your CUDA application with this command line profiling tool to quickly collect CUDA kernel performance data and hardware performance counters.

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