The standalone version of Nsight Eclipse Edition has been discontinued

As of CUDA Toolkit 11.0, the standalone version of Nsight Eclipse Edition has been discontinued in favor of a new set of plugins: Nsight Eclipse Plugins for the Eclipse IDE.

Please refer to the Nsight Eclipse Plugins installation details for setup instructions.

You can find the Nsight Eclipse Plugins as part of any CUDA Toolkit (11.0 and later).

For compute developers developers looking for debuggers:

NVIDIA® Nsight™ Eclipse Edition is a full-featured IDE powered by the Eclipse platform that provides an all-in-one integrated environment to edit, build, debug and profile CUDA-C applications. Nsight Eclipse Edition supports a rich set of commercial and free plugins.

Nsight Eclipse Edition is part of the CUDA Toolkit Installer for Linux and Mac.

Nsight Source Code Editor

  • New project templates and integration with the CUDA SDK samples make getting started quick and easy
  • Project Builder with support for all CUDA capable GPUs with support for static and dynamic libraries
  • CUDA code highlighting makes it easy to navigate heterogeneous code
  • CUDA aware refactoring improves productivity and code quality
  • CUDA aware code completion and inline help
  • Hyperlink navigation enables faster code browsing

Nsight Debugger

  • Seamless and simultaneous debugging of both CPU and GPU code
  • View program variables across several CUDA threads
  • Examine execution state and mapping of the kernels and GPUs
  • View, Navigate and filter to selectively track execution across threads
  • Set breakpoints and single-step execution at both source-code and assembly levels
  • Includes cuda-memcheck to help detect memory errors

Nsight Profiler

  • Easily identify performance bottlenecks using a unified CPU and GPU trace of application activity
  • Automated analysis system pin-points optimization opportunities
  • Highlights potential performance problems at specific source-lines within application kernels
  • Close integration with Nsight Editor and Builder enable fast edit-build-profile optimization cycle
  • Integrates with the new nvprof command-line profiler to enable visualization of profile data collected on headless compute nodes

The latest version of NVIDIA Nsight Eclipse Edition with support for CUDA C/C++ and is supported on MAC and Linux platforms.  Just install the CUDA Toolkit and run 'nsight' on the command line.

For more information on the NVIDIA Nsight Eclipse Edition and other CUDA development tools:

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