Now Available: NVIDIA DRIVE AGX Orin Developer Kit with DRIVE OS 6

Autonomous vehicle developers now have access to flexible, scalable, and high-performance hardware and software to build the next generation of safer, more efficient transportation.

NVIDIA DRIVE AGX Orin Developer Kit is now available for general access. Powered by a single Orin system-on-a-chip (SoC), the AI compute platform includes the hardware, software, and sample applications needed to develop production-level autonomous vehicles. It’s also modular, sharing the same design as NVIDIA Jetson, NVIDIA Isaac, and NVIDIA Clara AGX platforms.

With a rich automotive I/O, you have the flexibility to expand​ and iterate upon your autonomous driving solutions. DRIVE AGX Orin includes a base kit for bench development and an add-on vehicle kit for vehicle installation. The platform also has a smaller footprint than previous generations, with system and accessories included in a single box.

Additionally, NVIDIA DRIVE OS 6 is now available on the NVIDIA DRIVE Developer Download page, providing the latest operating system purpose-built for autonomous vehicles. 

NVIDIA DRIVE OS includes NvMedia for sensor input processing, NVIDIA CUDA libraries for efficient parallel computing implementations, and NVIDIA TensorRT for real-time AI inference.

The current version available is DRIVE OS 6.0.4, which supports sensors included in the NVIDIA DRIVE Hyperion 8.1 platform architecture.

You can experience faster downloads and streamlined development environment setup by installing software with NGC DRIVE OS Docker containers or NVIDIA SDK Manager.

DRIVE OS 6.0 provides the following benefits:

For more information, see the NVIDIA DRIVE OS product page.

Before downloading, register for an NVIDIA Developer account and membership in the NVIDIA DRIVE AGX SDK Developer Program. Please submit questions or feedback to the DRIVE AGX Orin general forum.

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