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Autonomous Vehicles

Fast-Track ADAS and AV Research with NVIDIA DRIVE AGX

Driver assistance technology is an incredibly active research domain – from supervised assistance functions all the way to fully autonomous driving. 4 MIN READ
Autonomous Vehicles

Sharing CUDA Resources Through Interoperability with NvSciBuf and NvSciSync

Figure 1. Various hardware engines on the NVIDIA embedded platform. There is a growing need among embedded and HPC applications to share resources and control… 13 MIN READ
Autonomous Vehicles

Deploying a Scalable Object Detection Inference Pipeline, Part 1

This post is the first in a series on Autonomous Driving at Scale, developed with Tata Consultancy Services (TCS). In this post, we provide a general overview… 9 MIN READ
Autonomous Vehicles

Optimizing NVIDIA TensorRT Conversion for Real-time Inference on Autonomous Vehicles

Autonomous driving systems use various neural network models that require extremely accurate and efficient computation on GPUs. Zoox is a startup developing… 7 MIN READ
Autonomous Vehicles

Autonomous Vehicle Radar Perception in 360 Degrees

Our radar perception pipeline delivers 360-degree surround perception around the vehicle, using production-grade radar sensors operating at the 77GHz automotive… 11 MIN READ
Autonomous Vehicles

Object Detection and Lane Segmentation Using Multiple Accelerators with DRIVE AGX

Autonomous vehicles require fast and accurate perception of the surrounding environment in order to accomplish a wide set of tasks concurrently in real time. 17 MIN READ