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NVIDIA DRIVE Developer Days at GTC 2021 Now Open to the Entire Auto Industry

This year, everyone can learn how to develop safe, robust autonomous vehicles on NVIDIA DRIVE.

The annual DRIVE Developer Days is taking place April 20-22 during GTC 2021, featuring a series of specialized sessions on autonomous vehicle hardware and software, including perception, mapping, simulation and more, all led by NVIDIA experts. And now, registration is free and open to all.

In the past, these AV developer sessions have been limited to NVIDIA customers. However, this year we are making these deep dive sessions available to all developers, with lessons learned by the NVIDIA team, as the need for AV systems is more apparent than ever before.

The event kicks off with an overview of the latest NVIDIA DRIVE AGX autonomous vehicle platform from Gary Hicok, SVP of Hardware and Systems at NVIDIA.

The following sessions will cover the foundations of developing an AV on DRIVE, such as the DRIVE OS operating system and DriveWorks middleware, as well as the recently announced  NVIDIA DRIVE Sim, powered by Omniverse.

Other highlights include:

You can view the entire DRIVE Developer Day playlist by clicking here. Make sure you register now to access these and 150+ autonomous vehicle sessions at GTC 2021.


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