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Katie Burke is the NVIDIA Automotive Content Marketing Manager, communicating solutions to building a faster, safer, and more efficient transportation ecosystem. A former journalist at publications such as Automotive News and MarketWatch, she joined the NVIDIA team in 2018. Katie holds a B.A. in public policy from the University of Michigan and lives in San Francisco, where she’s waiting for self-driving cars to seriously upgrade her morning commute.
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Computer Vision / Video Analytics

Explainer: What Is an AI Cockpit?

Intelligent interiors are transforming transportation. 1 MIN READ
Computer Vision / Video Analytics

Explainer: What Is an Autonomous Truck?

Autonomous trucks are commercial vehicles that use AI to automate everything from shipping yard operations to long-haul deliveries. 1 MIN READ

Getting to Know Autonomous Vehicles

The future is autonomous, and AI is already transforming the transportation industry. But what exactly is an autonomous vehicle and how does it work? Autonomous... 5 MIN READ

Now Available: NVIDIA DRIVE AGX Orin Developer Kit with DRIVE OS 6

Autonomous vehicle developers now have access to flexible, scalable, and high-performance hardware and software to build the next generation of safer, more... 2 MIN READ
Simulation / Modeling / Design

Upcoming Webinar: Designing Efficient Vision Transformer Networks for Autonomous Vehicles

Explore design principles for efficient transformers in production and how innovative model design can help achieve better accuracy in AV perception. 1 MIN READ

NVIDIA DriveWorks 4.0 Now Available

NVIDIA DriveWorks 4.0 SDK is now available on the NVIDIA DRIVE Developer Download page, providing you with the latest middleware and development environment... 2 MIN READ