Illustration showing a shopping scene, video streaming in living room, and cafe all with recommender activities.
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Upcoming Webinar: Collaboratively Training a Large Multilingual Language Model

Join this webinar on Feb. 2 for key learnings of the BigScience initiative in developing BLOOM—an open-source multilingual model with 176 billion parameters. < 1
An image with stacked circular objects that grow with each iteration.
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Tips on Scaling Storage for AI Training and Inferencing

There are many benefits of GPUs in scaling AI, ranging from faster model training to GPU-accelerated fraud detection. While planning AI models and deployed... 8 MIN READ
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Just Released: NVIDIA HPC SDK v23.1

Version 23.1 of the NVIDIA HPC SDK introduces CUDA 12 support, fixes, and minor enhancements. < 1
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NVIDIA Jetson Project of the Month: An AI-Powered Autonomous Miniature Race Car Gets on Track

The 65th annual Daytona 500 will take place on February 19, 2023 and for many this elite NASCAR event is the pinnacle of the car racing world. For now, there... 5 MIN READ
Illustration of a cell phone with a virtual assistant helping with a purchase.
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New Hands-On Lab: Intelligent Virtual Assistant

Learn to build an engaging and intelligent virtual assistant with NVIDIA AI workflows powered by NVIDIA Riva in this free hands-on lab from NVIDIA LaunchPad, < 1
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Exploiting and Securing Jenkins Instances at Scale with GroovyWaiter

Jenkins CI/CD solution provides a way for developers to create an automated, scalable, and highly configurable pipeline to ensure that code bases stay... 5 MIN READ