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Year In Review: Trending Posts of 2022

Marking a year of new and evolving technologies, 2022 produced wide-ranging advancements and AI-powered solutions across industries. These include boosting HPC and AI workload power, research breakthroughs, and new capabilities in 3D graphics, gaming, simulation, robotics, and more.

In a record-breaking year, the NVIDIA Technical Blog published nearly 550 posts and received over 2 million visitors. Here are the 10 most popular posts from 2022.

generic CUDA graphic

NVIDIA Releases Open-Source GPU Kernel Modules

The first open-source release of GPU kernel modules for NVIDIA GPUs in Linux creates tighter integration with the OS and enables developers to debug, integrate, and contribute back.

A neural radiance field rendering an image of an excavator in a 3d scene

Getting Started with NVIDIA Instant NeRF

Using the new NVIDIA NGP Instant NeRF, you can compile codebase, prepare your images, and train your first NeRF. Instant NeRF only takes a few minutes to train a great-looking visual.


Updating the CUDA Linux GPG Repository Key

To ensure the security and reliability of RPM and Debian package repositories, NVIDIA updated and rotated the signing keys used by the aptdnf/yum, and zypper package managers.

An image of the NVIDIA Hopper GPU

NVIDIA Hopper Architecture In-Depth

The NVIDIA H100 Tensor Core GPU delivers an order-of-magnitude performance leap for large-scale AI and HPC over the NVIDIA A100 Tensor Core GPU.

Two images of the Jetson Nano Orin modules

Solving Entry-Level Edge AI Challenges with NVIDIA Jetson Orin Nano

NVIDIA robotics modules now span from entry-level to high-performing, giving customers the flexibility to scale applications easily.

An image of a chip

Designing Arithmetic Circuits with Deep Reinforcement Learning

Learn how NVIDIA researchers use AI to design better arithmetic circuits that power AI chips. In this post, the authors examine if an AI agent can design good prefix graphs.

A digitally created landscape scene of a serene river lined with trees

Shaping the Future of Graphics with NVIDIA Technologies in Unreal Engine 5

Unreal Engine 5 supports key RTX technologies for developers to propel their games and experiences to deliver cutting-edge content and immersive virtual worlds.

4 images of a cat, each progressively becoming more pixelated

Improving Diffusion Models as an Alternative To GANs

This series dives into new research developing a novel and powerful class of generative models that improve and accelerate sampling from diffusion models. It also explores three techniques for overcoming slow sampling.

A gif of blocks flying in and creating a cyclone around several pillars

Open Source Simulation Expands with NVIDIA PhysX 5 Release

The latest version of the NVIDIA PhysX SDK is a powerful simulation engine currently used by industry leaders for robotics, deep reinforcement learning, autonomous driving, factory automation, and visual effects.

Photo of a woman looking at her monitor.

Accelerating Load Times for DirectX Games and Apps with GDeflate for DirectStorage

NVIDIA collaborated with Microsoft and IHV partners to develop GDeflate for DirectStorage 1.1, an open standard for GPU compression that reduces game load times.

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