Michelle Horton

Michelle Horton is a senior developer communication manager at NVIDIA, with a background as a communication manager and science writer. At NVIDIA she writes for the Developer Blog, highlighting the many ways developers are using NVIDIA technologies.

Posts by Michelle Horton

San Marco square, flood in Venice
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AI Researchers Visualize Flooding Caused by Global Warming

The study uses generative adversarial networks to underscore the impacts of climate change and prompt collective action toward curbing emissions. 3 MIN READ
Graphic of COVID-19 virus.
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AI Model Predicts Drug Synergies for Fighting COVID-19

Researchers develop a deep learning model that predicts optimal drug combinations for treating COVID-19 patients. 3 MIN READ
Image of a wildfire encroaching on a town in Portugal.
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AI Model Rapidly Identifies Structures Damaged by Wildfires

New research develops a deep learning algorithm to detect wildfire damage remotely. 4 MIN READ
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New AI Research Ranks Cities Fighting Climate Change with Sustainable Rooftops

A new deep convolutional neural network uses global satellite imagery to detect sustainable roofscapes—a promising strategy for climate mitigation. 4 MIN READ
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New Machine Learning Model Taps into the Problem-Solving Potential of Satellite Data

New research creates a low-cost and easy-to-use machine learning model to analyze streams of data from earth-imaging satellites. 4 MIN READ
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Inception Spotlight: Supercharging Synthetic Speech with Resemble AI

This NVIDIA Inception Spotlight features Resemble AI, a new generative voice technology startup able to create high-quality synthetic AI voices. 2 MIN READ