Michelle Horton

Michelle Horton is a senior developer communication manager at NVIDIA, with a background as a communication manager and science writer. At NVIDIA she writes for the Developer Blog, highlighting the many ways developers are using NVIDIA technologies.

Posts by Michelle Horton

Graphic of a hurricane approaching the southwest US from a global view.
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Global AI Weather Forecaster Makes Predictions in Seconds

Researchers developed an algorithm that can quickly calculate global forecasts 4 to 6 weeks into the future. 3 MIN READ
An up close view of a person holding a paintbrush and painting on a canvas.
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Neural Network Pinpoints Artist by Examining a Painting’s Brushstrokes

Researchers develop a new AI algorithm that can identify a painter based on brushstrokes, with precision down to a single bristle. 4 MIN READ
A picture of a finger with a half milimeter metasurface next to a blown-up version of the metasurface showing the optical cylinders spread out in a circular pattern.
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Researchers Create a Camera the Size of a Salt Grain Using Neural Nano-Optics

The groundbreaking technology uses an optical metasurface and machine-learning algorithms to produce high-quality color images with a wide field of view. 4 MIN READ
Image of a destroyed residential area after an earthquake in Japan.
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Deep Learning Detects Earthquakes at Millimeter-Scale

Researchers create a neural network that automatically detects tectonic fault deformation, crucial to understanding and possibly predicting earthquake behavior. 3 MIN READ
3d illustration human body heart and brain.
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AI Algorithm Quickly Identifies Heart Failure

The deep learning model accurately predicts if a patient is experiencing heart failure by finding subtle changes in EKGs, often undetectable to the human eye. 3 MIN READ
San Marco square, flood in Venice
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AI Researchers Visualize Flooding Caused by Global Warming

The study uses generative adversarial networks to underscore the impacts of climate change and prompt collective action toward curbing emissions. 3 MIN READ