Michelle Horton

Michelle Horton is a senior developer communications manager at NVIDIA, with a background as a communications manager and science writer. At NVIDIA, she writes for the Technical Blog, highlighting the many ways people and companies are using NVIDIA technologies.

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Upcoming Webinar: Using GPUs to Accelerate HD Mapping and Location-Based Services

Join us on July 20 for a webinar highlighting how using NVIDIA A100 GPUs can help map and location-based service providers speed up map creation and workflows, while reducing costs. < 1
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Minerva CQ Deploys NVIDIA Riva Enterprise in the Energy Sector

Learn how NVIDIA Inception member Minerva CQ is using NVIDIA Riva to deliver faster, personalized experiences within a global EV charging and electric mobility company. < 1
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Upcoming Event: Recommender Systems Summit 2022

Join us to hear featured speakers from Netflix, Twitter, Weights & Biases, Coveo, and more discuss challenges building, training, optimizing, and deploying production-ready recommender systems. < 1
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Just Released: nvCOMP v2.3

The CUDA library, nvCOMP, now offers support for zStandard and Deflate standards, as well as modified-CRC32 checksum support and improved ANS performance. < 1
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Just Released: CUTLASS v2.9

The latest version of CUTLASS offers users BLAS3 operators accelerated by tensor cores, Python integrations, GEMM compatibility extensions, and more. < 1
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Fast Track Deploying Machine Learning Models with OctoML CLI and NVIDIA Triton Inference Server

Read how OctoML CLI and NVIDIA Triton automate model optimization and containerization to run models on any cloud or data center, at scale, and at much lower cost. < 1