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NVIDIA ‘Healthcare On Tap with NVIDIA SDKs’ Season 2 – Now Live

The new season of the NVIDIA Healthcare On Tap is now live! 

This series is designed for developers in areas such as image analysis, scientific research, and drug discovery to learn more about AI in the healthcare and life sciences sector. 

New sessions feature the NVIDIA Clara application framework, which includes full stack GPU-accelerated libraries, SDKs, and reference applications for developers, data scientists and researchers to create real time, secure, and scalable solutions.

Clara application framework consists of: 

  1. Clara Imaging for medical imaging workloads 
  2. Clara Parabricks for genomics workloads
  3. Clara Guardian for intelligent video analytics and conversational AI workloads in the healthcare industry.

Other episodes will cover HPC techniques to accelerate drug discovery workloads on the latest supercomputers and DGX A100, the world’s first 5 petaFLOPS AI system. Special episodes on TensorRT, Triton, and Kubernetes to efficiently deploy and manage healthcare and life science workloads at scale, will also be featured.

Many startups and ecosystem partners will be shown throughout the season to showcase how they deployed their solutions in the real world. 

Register Now for the Healthcare On Tap Webinars (every Thursday at 8 am PST): 

  • 5/28 Healthcare AI Startups Spotlight: Medical Instruments Solutions Showcase
  • 6/4 Deploying Healthcare AI Workflows with the NVIDIA Clara Deploy Application Framework
  • 6/11 Building Smart Hospitals using Video Analytics & Speech 
  • 6/18 Shortening whole genome variant analysis from days to minutes with Parabricks
  • 6/25 Large Scale Healthcare Workloads with Kubernetes on the Latest NVIDIA DGX Systems
  • 7/2 Domain Specific Best Practices for AI Development with MONAI, a Open Source AI Framework
  • 7/9 GPU-Accelerated Drug Discovery Methods and Applications
  • 7/16 IVA for Healthcare using DeepStream SDK and Pre-trained models
  • 7/23 Parabricks Hands-on Training
  • 7/30 NeMo/Jarvis for Healthcare Speech & NLP
  • 8/6 Deeper dive in TensorRT and TRITON
  • 8/13 Healthcare AI Startups Spotlight: Drug Discovery Solutions Showcase
  • 8/20 XNAT ML: A Medical Imaging AI Research Platform powered by NVIDIA Clara

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