Intelligent Compute Platform for Medical Imaging

NVIDIA’s Clara is an open, scalable computing platform that enables developers to build and deploy medical imaging applications into hybrid (embedded, on-premise, or cloud) computing environments to create intelligent instruments and automated healthcare workflows.

The NVIDIA Clara SDK is a software development kit that provides NVIDIA’s technology and expertise in Artificial Intelligence, visualization, and high-performance computing at all levels of the technology stack from GPUs to accelerated libraries to healthcare specific containers. A Clara developer can engage with the SDK at any level to create world class applications that can be scaled in a customer’s environment.

Clara AGX is the world’s first AI computer for autonomous medical instruments. AGX is NVIDIA’s family of systems for autonomous machines. Clara AGX is remarkable because it has 6 different accelerators - a Volta GPU, an ARM CPU, a deep learning acceleration engine, a programmable vision accelerator, a video processing engine, and an image signal processor. The Clara AGX architecture the same underlying chip used by Drive AGX Pegasus, the NVIDIA platform for autonomous vehicles.

The Clara platform aims to bring the technological advances that have been proven in other industries, like gaming, autonomous vehicles, and cloud computing, to the medical imaging industry.

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Leverage NVIDIA’s Expertise

Start building your medical imaging application using Clara’s accelerated libraries, containers, and engines focused on High performance computing, Artificial Intelligence, and Visualization.

Healthcare Specific Infrastructure

The future of healthcare requires rethinking your computing infrastructure. Through Clara AGX, HGX, and DGX solutions, NVIDIA provides an accelerated computing stack for the medical imaging pipeline.

Deploy Everywhere

By leveraging NVIDIA’s NVDocker and Kubernetes, you will be able to deploy your application in multiple compute environments, including embedded, on-prem, or in the cloud.

Containers & Libraries Available

AI: DALI, cuDNN, TensorRT, TensorRT Inference Server, AI Inference Engine, Segmentation Models
Compute: cuFFT, cuBlas, NCCL, NPP, Open Source CT Recon


Transfer Learning Toolkit

High-level SDK for tuning Medical Imaging deep neural networks

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AI-Assisted Annotation SDK

Deep learning based annotation and segmentation of medical images

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Developer Showcase

We specialize in accelerated medical image computing and guided surgery. NVIDIA’s Clara platform gives us the ability to turn 2D medical images into 3D and deploy our technology virtually.

Wolfgang Wein, Founder and CEO

We are using AI to improve workflow for MRI and PET exams. NVIDIA’s Clara platform will enable us to seamlessly scale our technology to reduce risks from contrast and radiation, taking imaging efficiency and safety to the next level.

Enhao Gong, Founder