An Application Framework Optimized for Healthcare and Life Sciences Developers

NVIDIA Clara is a healthcare application framework for AI-powered imaging, genomics, and for the development and deployment of smart sensors. It includes full-stack GPU-accelerated libraries, SDKs and reference applications for developers, data scientists and researchers to create real-time, secure and scalable solutions.

NVIDIA Clara application framework is ideal for healthcare application developers working in medical imaging or genomics.

Today, GPUs are found in almost all imaging modalities, including CT, MRI, x-ray, and ultrasound - bringing compute capabilities to edge devices. With the boom of deep learning research in medical imaging, more efficient and improved approaches are being developed to enable AI-assisted workflows through GPU-enabled modalities.

With the latest release of the NVIDIA Clara application framework, developers have the necessary tools and APIs to carry out AI development, as well as introduce AI capabilities to medical devices through embedded hardware.

Collaborative Learning

Training framework includes techniques such as Federated Learning and transfer learning which enables data scientists and researchers to collaborate and build robust, generalizable AI algorithms, keeping the data private and secure.

Domain-Optimized Performance

Optimized AI training for medical imaging with Horovod based multi-GPU scaling, Automatic Mixed Precision (AMP) and smart caching mechanism.

Ease of Integration

Clara Deploy includes the necessary building blocks and reference applications that enable developers to build clinical workflows that can interface in a hospital-like environment.

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NVIDIA Clara Parabricks is a computational framework supporting genomics applications from DNA to RNA. It employs NVIDIA’s CUDA, HPC, AI, and data analytics stacks to build GPU accelerated libraries, pipelines, and reference application workflows for primary, secondary, and tertiary analysis. Clara Parabricks is a complete portfolio of off-the-shelf solutions coupled with a toolkit to support new application development to address the needs of genomic labs.

NVIDIA Clara Parabricks Pipelines

Designed for high throughput labs, this suite of enterprise-grade, turnkey software runs GPU-accelerated pipelines for DNA Germline variant calling for population genomics, DNA Somatic variant calling for cancer genomics, and RNA sequencing projects from whole transcriptome to single cell analysis.

NVIDIA Clara Parabricks Toolkit

A technology stack of CUDA accelerated libraries and deep learning modules, C++ and Python APIs, reference applications and integrations with 3rd party applications and workflows to develop powerful compute tools.

NVIDIA Clara Guardian

NVIDIA Clara Guardian is an application framework and partner ecosystem that simplifies the development and deployment of smart sensors with multimodal AI, anywhere in a hospital.

Using Clara Guardian’s software stack, AI application developers can leverage healthcare specific pre-trained models, develop and deploy intelligent video analytics powered by NVIDIA DeepStream, and automatic speech recognition and natural language processing solutions powered by NVIDIA Jarvis conversational AI software. Combined with the NVIDIA EGX Edge AI platform, which provides for the secure management of fleets of devices, Clara Guardian can safely and easily deploy AI applications across hundreds of edge devices.

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Disclaimer: Clara SDKs and samples are for developmental purposes only and cannot be used directly for clinical procedures.