NVIDIA Clara Platform

The Medical Imaging Supercomputer

NVIDIA CLARA is an open platform that enables the medical industry to build and deploy breakthrough algorithms to create intelligent instruments and automate healthcare workflows.

CLARA helps the imaging industry to bring about the amazing advancements they are creating in their instruments by providing an open, scalable, remote, and universal computing platform.

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The NVIDIA Clara Platform



NVIDIA Clara Developers


Leverage NVIDIA’s Expertise

Start building your healthcare application using CLARA pre-packaged containers focused on Accelerated Computing, Visualization, and Artificial Intelligence

Healthcare Specific Infrastructure

With Clara embedded and Clara Server, you can reimagine the possibilities of the medical workflow

Deploy Everywhere

By leveraging Docker and NVIDIA’s Kubernetes on GPUs, you will be able to deploy your application in multiple compute environments, including embedded, on-prem, or in the cloud

Containers & Libraries Available

Starter containers: CT Recon, Volume Segmentation, & Lung Detection, Render Server (Coming Soon)
Compute: CUDA + cuFFT + cuBlas
Visualization: Vulkan, Optix


The Clara SDK enables developers to build flexible, AI enhanced workflows to power the next generation of medical applications and devices.

Developer Showcase

We specialize in accelerated medical image computing and guided surgery. NVIDIA’s Clara platform gives us the ability to turn 2D medical images into 3D and deploy our technology virtually.

Wolfgang Wein, Founder and CEO

We are using AI to improve workflow for MRI and PET exams. NVIDIA’s Clara platform will enable us to seamlessly scale our technology to reduce risks from contrast and radiation, taking imaging efficiency and safety to the next level.

Enhao Gong, Founder

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