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New NVIDIA Webinar Series: Healthcare on Tap with NVIDIA SDKs

To help developers, engineers, and startups get started with NVIDIA healthcare tools, NVIDIA has published a new webinar series called Healthcare on Tap. The webinars are designed to help developers accelerate their work in areas such as image analysis, scientific research, and drug discovery. 

The first 12 episodes of the webinar are available on-demand. Three bonus episodes will be streamed live starting on Thursday, April 16th.  

The webinars cover topics such as NVIDIA BioBERT domain-specific natural language processing in biomedical and clinical applications.

“Domain-specific language models, like BioBERT, perform even better when applied to domain-specific NLP tasks,” Raghav Mani, who leads Developer Relations at NVIDIA and host of the BioBERT webcast, said. “You can now learn how to efficiently use BioBERT to train biomedical and clinical NLP models for important healthcare tasks like  text classification, named entity recognition and question and answering.”

Others cover inference accelerators including TensorRT and the Triton Inference Server for running your AI applications. 

Another episode will cover the Clara Train SDK.

“We’ll show how Clara Train SDK’s set of APIs help speed up deep learning efforts in radiology workflows, making any medical viewer AI-capable, ” Prerna Dogra, product manager for Clara imaging at NVIDIA and host for the Clara Train SDK webcast, said. “You can also learn how to leverage its training framework for decentralized learning techniques like federated learning and transfer learning.”

Other webinars featured in the series include DeepStream for intelligent video applications, Parabricks for improving genomics analysis, and federated learning to protect data privacy.  

“Intelligent computing solutions are increasingly needed to address the growing size and complexity of genomic sequencing data,” George  Vacek, who is responsible for NVIDIA’s strategic development in the sequencing market and host of the Parabricks webcast, said. “Learn how NVIDIA’s  Parabricks and Clara Genomics solutions speed up sequencing analysis, production germline, somatic and RNA variants calling pipelines critical for research.”

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  • BioBERT for Clinical & Biomedical NLP
  • Inference Optimization with TensorRT and TRTIS
  • DeepStream SDK for Intelligent Video Analytics and Computer Vision
  • Clara Train SDK: From data to a trained AI model
  • Improving Genomics Analysis with Parabricks and Clara Genomics
  • Learn How to Integrate with AI Marketplaces and Getting Regulatory Approval
  • Using Clara Deploy SDK to Integrate Your AI Applications
  • Healthcare on Tap – Building AI into Embedded Devices
  • Learn How to Integrate with Medical Imaging Ecosystem


  • April 16: Healthcare on Tap- Federated Learning Deep Dive 
  • April 23: Healthcare on Tap -Improving Sequencing Analysis with Nvidia Clara Genomics and Parabricks
  • April 30: Healthcare on Tap – Build NLP models using BioBERT and NeMo

Register for the individual on-demand episodes, and join upcoming live ones here

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