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NVIDIA Clara Imaging Brings AI-Assisted Annotation and Model Training to XNAT to Enable Medical Imaging AI

Building on the announcement at RSNA 2019, XNAT, the most widely-used open-source informatics platform for imaging research, announced the beta release of XNAT… 2 MIN READ
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Researchers Demo ‘Almost-Unlimited Size’ Brain Simulations Using GPUs

To improve brain simulation technology, a team of researchers from the University of Sussex developed a GPU-accelerated approach that can generate brain… 3 MIN READ
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Inception Spotlight: DataVisiooh Uses AI to Measure Outdoor Advertising in Real-Time

To measure the impact of outdoor advertising, Brazil-based DataVisiooh, a member of NVIDIA Inception, developed an AI solution to capture performance analytics… < 1
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Dive into the Future of Graphics with NVIDIA Omniverse On-Demand Sessions

NVIDIA Omniverse is bringing the new standard in real-time graphics for developers. Check out some of the resources on the NVIDIA On-Demand catalog to learn… 2 MIN READ
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Upcoming Webinars: Learn About the New Features of JetPack 4.5 and VPI API for Jetson

JetPack SDK 4.5 is now available. This production release features enhanced secure boot, disk encryption, a new way to flash Jetson devices through Network File… 2 MIN READ
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Upcoming Webinars: Learn how to use NVIDIA NGC Jupyter Notebook

Image segmentation and recommender system Jupyter notebooks are now available in the NGC catalog. These Jupyter notebooks come with complete instructions on how… 2 MIN READ