NVIDIA Clara Guardian

NVIDIA Clara™ Guardian is an application framework and partner ecosystem that simplifies the development and deployment of smart sensors with multimodal AI, anywhere in a healthcare facility.

Clara Guardian comes with a collection of pre-trained models and reference applications that are built on the NVIDIA EGX stack, and powered by NVIDIA DeepStream and Transfer Learning Toolkit (TLT) for Intelligent Video Analytics (IVA), and NVIDIA NeMo and NVIDIA Jarvis for conversational AI. This makes it easy to add AI capabilities to common sensors that can monitor crowds for safe social distancing, measure body temperature or detect absence of protective gear, such as masks, or interact remotely with high risk patients so that everyone in the healthcare facility is safe and informed.

Applications and services developed using Clara Guardian can run on a wide range of hardware, from the Jetson Nano™ to a T4 server, allowing developers to build once and securely deploy anywhere from the edge to the cloud.

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Clara Guardian Application Framework

Intelligent Video Analytics

  • NVIDIA DeepStream SDK for AI-based multi-sensor processing, video and image understanding - Learn More
  • Transfer Learning Toolkit (TLT) to create highly accurate AI models with zero coding - Learn More

Speech and Natural Language Processing

  • NVIDIA NeMo, an open source toolkit for building conversational AI models - Learn More
  • NVIDIA Jarvis SDK for deploying conversational AI models that fuse vision, speech, and other sensor data - Learn More

Compatible Hardware

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Disclaimer: Clara SDKs and samples are for developmental purposes only and cannot be used directly for clinical procedures.