NVIDIA BlueField DPU Ecosystem Expands as Partners Introduce Joint Solutions

NVIDIA recently introduced the NVIDIA DOCA 1.2 software framework for NVIDIA BlueField DPUs, the world’s most advanced Data Processing Unit (DPU). This latest release builds on the momentum of the DOCA early access program to enable partners and customers to accelerate the development of applications and holistic zero trust solutions on the DPU.

NVIDIA is working with leading platform vendors and partners to integrate and expand DOCA support for commercial distributions on NVIDIA BlueField DPUs. Learn how these Industry leaders have started to integrate their solutions using the DPU/DOCA architecture as key partners showcase these solutions at the recent NVIDIA GTC.

Red Hat – “Sensitive Information Detection using the NVIDIA Morpheus AI framework
Red Hat and NVIDIA have been working together to bring the security analytics capabilities of the NVIDIA Morpheus AI application framework to the Red Hat infrastructure platforms for cybersecurity developers. This post provides a set of configuration instructions to Red Hat developers working on applications that use the NVIDIA Morpheus AI application framework and NVIDIA BlueField DPUs to secure interservice communication.  

Figure 1. Red Hat and NVIDIA High-level architecture

Juniper Networks – “Extending the Edge of the Network with Juniper Edge Services Platform (JESP)
Earlier this year, Juniper discussed the value of extending the network all the way to the server through DPU, such as the NVIDIA BlueField DPU powered SmartNICs, and how these devices can be used to provide L2-L7 networking and security services. At NVIDIA GTC, Juniper provides a sneak preview of an internal project – Juniper Edge Services Platform (JESP), which enables the extension of the network all the way to the SmartNIC.  

Figure 2. Juniper Edge Services Platform (JESP)

F5 – “Redefining Cybersecurity at the Distributed Cloud Edge with AI and Real-time Telemetry
Augmenting well-established security measures for web, application, firewall, and fraud mitigation techniques, F5 is researching techniques to detect such advanced threats, which require contextual analysis of several of these data points via large-scale telemetry, and with near real-time analysis. This is where NVIDIA BlueField-2 DPU-based real-time telemetry and NVIDIA GPU-powered Morpheus cybersecurity framework come into play.

Figure 3. F5 Advanced Threats Classification

Excelero – “Storage Horsepower for Critical Application Performance
NVMesh technology is a low-latency, distributed storage software that is deployed across machines with very high-speed local drives (NVMe SSDs, to be exact), enabling high-speed compute and high data throughput that far exceeds anything achievable with other storage alternatives – and at a significantly lower cost. Network performance is also critical and this is why Excelero is working with NVIDIA and their BlueField DPU, plus NVIDIA DOCA software platform technology.

DDN – “DDN Supercharges AI Security with NVIDIA
Along with NVIDIA, DDN is helping customers choose a data strategy that supports enterprise-scale AI workloads with a “Storage-as-a-Service” approach. This solution delivers cost-effective centralized infrastructure that meets the performance and scalability needs of complex AI applications and datasets.  

Early access to the DOCA software framework is available now.

To experience accelerated software-defined management services today, click here to register and download the BlueField DPU software package that includes DOCA runtime accelerated libraries for networking, security, and storage.

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