NVIDIA DOCA libraries simplify the development process of BlueField DPU applications
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Developing Applications with NVIDIA BlueField DPU and NVIDIA DOCA Libraries

The development process for DPUs can get complex. This is where NVIDIA DOCA comes in. With several built-in libraries that allows for plug-n-play and simple application development. 7 MIN READ
DOCA software consists of an SDK and a runtime environment
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Get Started on DOCA for DPUs with a Free Introductory Course

Learn about getting started with NVIDIA DOCA, along with how DOCA and DPUs help with the development of applications that accelerate data center services. 3 MIN READ
NVIDIA DOCA software framework visual represntation
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Building a Foundation for Zero Trust Security with NVIDIA DOCA 1.2

Dive deep into the new features and use cases available for networking, security, and storage in the latest release of the DOCA software framework. 7 MIN READ
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NVIDIA BlueField DPU Ecosystem Expands as Partners Introduce Joint Solutions

Industry leaders are integrating their solutions using the DPU/DOCA architecture, as key partners showcase these solutions at the recent NVIDIA GTC. 4 MIN READ
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Red Hat Releases Infrastructure for NVIDIA Morpheus AI Security Framework

The joint solution delivers the benefits of a proven, trusted Linux distribution and an advanced, comprehensive container management system when deploying solutions built on top of NVIDIA’s new AI security framework. 3 MIN READ
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Choosing the Best SmartNIC

This post defines NICs, SmartNICs, and lays out a cost-benefit analysis for NIC categories and use cases. 6 MIN READ