David Wills

David is currently a Product Marketing Manager at NVIDIA, after joining as part of the Mellanox Technologies acquisition in 2020. David has over 15 years of experience in a variety of commercial marketing roles, specializing in Channel and Partner Marketing having formally led Channel Marketing for Mellanox Technologies in EMEA. David is a member of The Chartered Institute of Marketing and he received his MBA in Marketing from Oxford Brookes University Business School.
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Data Center / Cloud

Fast Track Data Center Workloads and AI Applications with NVIDIA DOCA 2.2

NVIDIA DOCA SDK and acceleration framework empowers developers with extensive libraries, drivers, and APIs to create high-performance applications and services... 8 MIN READ

Transforming IPsec Deployments with NVIDIA DOCA 2.0

Announced in March 2023, NVIDIA DOCA 2.0, the newest release of the NVIDIA SDK for BlueField DPUs, is now available. Together, NVIDIA DOCA and BlueField DPUs... 7 MIN READ

Driving Data Center Innovation Through Ecosystem Partners

The DPU, or data processing unit, is a new class of programmable processors that specializes in moving data around the data center and now joins CPUs and GPUs... 4 MIN READ

NVIDIA BlueField DPU Ecosystem Expands as Partners Introduce Joint Solutions

NVIDIA recently introduced the NVIDIA DOCA 1.2 software framework for NVIDIA BlueField DPUs, the world’s most advanced Data Processing Unit (DPU). This latest... 4 MIN READ