Data Center Networking – Top Resources from GTC 21

As organizations embrace cloud and edge computing models, they are looking for more efficient, modern computing architectures that create a secure, accelerated, virtual private cloud (SA-VPC), able to support multi-tenancy and deliver applications at data center scale with all the necessary levels of performance and cyber protection. NVIDIA is enabling these organizations to easily develop accelerated applications and implement cybersecurity frameworks in order to deliver breakthrough networking, security, and storage performance with a comprehensive, open development platform.

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On-Demand Session

Program Data Center Infrastructure Acceleration with the Release of DOCA and the Latest DPU Software
Speakers: Ariel Kit, Director of Product Marketing for Networking, NVIDIA  and Ami Badani, Vice President of Marketing NVIDIA

DPU experts Ami Badani and Ariel Kit discuss how NVIDIA DOCA is enabling new infrastructure acceleration and management features in BlueField all while simplifying programming and application integration.

Morpheus: AI Inferencing for Cybersecurity Pipelines
Speaker: Bartley Richardson, NVIDIA

What does NVIDIA Morpheus mean for the future of the data center and cloud security? Take a deep-dive into the newly announced AI cybersecurity framework with engineer manager, Bartley Richardson by watching this on demand GTC 21 session.


Develop applications with breakthrough networking, security, and storage performance using NVIDIA DOCA — the newly released complete, open software platform.

NVIDIA Morpheus
Detect Cybersecurity threats in an Instant with NVIDIA Morpheus, a new AI framework for creating zero-trust data center security.

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