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Nsight Visual Studio Edition 2019.1 Released

NVIDIA Nsight Visual Studio Edition 2019.1 is now available for download in the NVIDIA Registered Developer Program.  

The NVIDIA Nsight Visual Studio Edition 2019.1 is now available for download.

Version 2019.1 extends support to the latest Turing GPUs and Win10 RS5. The Graphics Debugger adds Vulkan Pixel History as well as OpenGL + Vulkan 1.1 interop, Vulkan Meshlets, and increased NVAPI support.. The Compute tools support the new CUDA Toolkit 10.1, with the Next-Gen Profiler adding child process, D3D11 and D3D12 interop, and NVTX support, plus updated task graph support and many other usability improvements.The screenshot shows Vulkan Pixel History and other advanced features of Nsight Visual Studio Edition while debugging Elemental, a Direct3D 12 sample based on Unreal Engine 4

Take a look at what you get with the latest NVIDIA Nsight Visual Studio Edition 2019.1 release:

Graphics Debugging

  • Support for the latest Turing GPUs in the GPU Frame Debugger, Performance Dashboard, and Range Profiler
  • Support for the Win10 RS5
  • Vulkan Pixel History
  • Vulkan + OpenGL interoperability support
  • Vulkan Meshlets
  • DirectX11 & DirectX12 NVAPI Metacommands
  • SMP Assist API (NVAPI) for VR Titles and VRWorks SDK
  • Increased NvAPI support for DX11    
  • Acceleration Structure / Bounding Volume Hierarchy Viewer
    supporting both DirectX Raytracing and Nvidia’s Vulkan Ray Tracing Extension
  • Range Profiler workflow and performance improvements

Compute Debugging, Profiling, and Analysis

  • Support for CUDA 10.1
  • Support for the latest Turing GPUs
  • Win10 RS5 support
  • Next-Gen Profiler
    • Child Process data collection and run comparison now available
    • CUDA Toolkit 10.1 Task Graph support
    • CUDA Toolkit 10.1 D3D11 & D3D12 interop support
    • NVTX support
    • Many report and CLI improvements

For a complete overview of all Nsight™ Visual Studio Edition features and access to resources, please visit the main Nsight™ Visual Studio Edition page and download it today!

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