NVIDIA® Nsight™ Visual Studio Edition 5.5 is available for download under the NVIDIA Registered Developer Program.

The new release of Nsight Visual Studio Edition 5.5 brings developers unprecedented application development capabilities:

  • The graphics debugger introduces Pixel History for DirectX 11 & OpenGL, extends support to OpenVR 1.0.10, plus improves Vulkan support and Range Profiler accuracy and efficiency.
  • The Next-Gen CUDA debugger combines native Visual Studio CPU and CUDA GPU debugging within the same debugging session. This new debugging architecture extends Nsight’s capabilities to the latest Volta GPUs, while providing a seamless, homogeneous debugging experience on GPU kernels and native CPU code.
  • This release also includes a preview release of the CUDA Next-Gen Profiler, which uses a command line argument to customize collection of counters, statistics, and derived values for given CUDA kernel launches. Customizable profiler results, including source, disassembly, kernel execution flowchart, and memory throughput, can be filtered, compared, annotated, and exported.
  • Nsight 5.5 also supports the latest CUDA 9.1 Toolkit and Windows 10 RS3.

This release supports CUDA Toolkit 9.1.

Please note that this release recommends NVIDIA Display Driver version 388.59 or newer.

Download instructions

Simply follow the steps below to download and install the Nsight™ Visual Studio Edition 5.5.

Step 1: Download and install recommended NVIDIA display driver 388.59 or newer for your target development environment.

Step 2: For developers who develop CUDA, download and install the latest version of CUDA Toolkit 9.1.

Step 3: Download and install NVIDIA® Nsight™ Visual Studio Edition 5.5.

All resources can be found under the NVIDIA GameWorks Download Center.

 Download Nsight™ Visual Studio Edition 5.5 

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