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NVIDIA Nsight Compute 2019.1 is now available

NVIDIA Nsight Compute 2019.1 is now available for download in the NVIDIA Registered Developer Program.  

Version 2019.1 supports the CUDA Toolkit 10.1 and introduces support for child processes, Compute + D3D11/D3D12 interoperability, NVTX, and the latest Turing GPUs. Nsight Compute also has updated CUDA 10.1 task graph support and has many other usability and improvements.

The latest NVIDIA Nsight™ Compute 2019.1 release now offers:

  • Support for CUDA Toolkit 10.1, including
    • Task Graph updates
    • Compute + D3D11/D3D12 interoperability
  • Support for the latest Turing GPUs
  • Win10 RS5 support
  • Child process data collection and baseline comparison
  • NVTX support
  • Many report and CLI improvements

See the New Features page for more details

For a complete overview of all Nsight™ Compute features, please visit the the Nsight™ Compute site and download today! You can also get Nsight Compute as part of the CUDA 10.1 Toolkit.

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