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New AI Technologies Announced at GTC 2020 Keynote

At GTC 2020, NVIDIA announced updates to 80 SDKs, including tools to help you build AI-powered video streaming solutions, conversational AI, recommendation systems, and more.

Announcing NVIDIA Maxine

Today, we announced NVIDIA Maxine, a cloud-native video streaming AI platform for services such as video conferencing. It includes state-of-the-art AI models and optimized pipelines that can run several features in real time in the cloud.

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Announcing TensorRT 7.2

Today NVIDIA announced TensorRT 7.2, the latest version of its high-performance deep learning inference SDK. 

Highlights include:

  • 30x faster AI-effects compared to CPU for video-based workloads, enabling super-resolution, noise removal, and virtual backgrounds to run in real time.
  • 2.5x faster recommenders with optimizations for fully connected layers used in MLPs
  • 2x lower latency for RNNs compared to earlier, enables apps such as real-time fraud and anomaly detection

TensorRT 7.2 will be available in Q4, 2020 from the TensorRT page. The latest version of samples, parsers, and notebooks are always available in the TensorRT open source repo.

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Announcing the NVIDIA Riva Open Beta

Today, NVIDIA announced Riva Open Beta, an accelerated SDK for enterprises to build multimodal conversational AI services that run in real-time on GPUs.  It includes state-of-the-art DL models, tools for composing new models, transfer learning, and deployment, as well as optimized services that run under 300 ms latency. Riva cuts end-to-end conversational AI latency to half and offers 7x higher throughput compared to CPUs on the SpeechSquad benchmark.

As part of Riva, we also announced NeMo 1.0 Beta. NeMo is an open-source toolkit to develop state-of-the-art conversational AI models in three lines of code. In the latest version, you get:

  • Simplified APIs based on PyTorch Lightning
  • Built on PyTorch, interoperable with PyTorch modules
  • Easy customization of models with popular Hydra framework integration.

This version of NeMo is optimized on A100 as well as earlier architectures with Tensor Cores. Get the new version of NeMo.


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Announcing NVIDIA Merlin Open Beta

Today NVIDIA announced the latest release of NVIDIA Merlin, an open beta application framework that enables the end-to-end development of deep learning recommender systems, from data preprocessing to model training and inference, all accelerated on NVIDIA GPUs. With this release, Merlin addresses common pain points around optimization and interoperability.

During preliminary testing, Merlin provides faster training on GPU in TensorFlow and PyTorch using our data loaders than default data loaders. This latest release reaffirms the NVIDIA commitment to accelerating the workflow of researchers, data scientists, and machine learning engineers and democratizing the development of large-scale, deep learning recommender systems.

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