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Phillip is a campaign marketer at NVIDIA. He received his master's in business administration from Santa Clara University. He is currently working on enabling new developers through the NVIDIA Developer Program.

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Realistic Lighting in Justice with Mesh Shading

NetEase Thunder Fire Games Uses Mesh Shading To Create Beautiful Game Environments for Justice In December, we interviewed Haiyong Qian… 5 MIN READ
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Leveling Up Graphics and Performance with RTX, DLSS and Reflex at NVIDIA GTC

We are excited to share over a dozen new and updated developer tools released today at GTC for game developers, including NVIDIA Reflex, RTXDI, and our new RTX Technology Showcase. 9 MIN READ
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Game Stack Live to Feature RTXDI and Minecraft Graphics Sessions (April 20-21)

This year, Microsoft’s free Game Stack Live event (April 20-21), starting at 8am PDT, will offer a wide range of can’t-miss sessions for game developers, in categories that include Graphics, System & Tools, Production & Publishing, Accessibility & Inclusion, Audio, Multiplayer, and Community Connections.  2 MIN READ
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Elevate Game Content Creation and Collaboration with NVIDIA Omniverse

With everyone shifting to a remote work environment, game development and professional visualization teams around the world need a solution for real-time collaboration and more efficient workflows. 3 MIN READ
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Essential Ray Tracing SDKs for Game and Professional Development

Game and professional visualization developers need the best tools to create the best games and real-time interactive content. Read this article to find out what NVIDIA technologies will provide developers optimal real time ray tracing within their workflows. 2 MIN READ
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GTC 21: Top 5 Data Science Technical Sessions

Learn from the world’s most advanced data science teams, here are some highlighted data science sessions planned for GTC. 3 MIN READ