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Just Released: CUDA Toolkit 12.1

Available now for download, the CUDA Toolkit 12.1 release provides support for NVIDIA Hopper and NVIDIA Ada Lovelace architecture. < 1
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How to Manage Virtual Environments and Automate Testing with Tox

Many developers use tox as a solution to standardize and automate testing in Python. However, using the tool only for test automation severely limits its power... 10 MIN READ
NVIDIA Jetson Orin
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Emulating an NVIDIA Jetson Orin NX Using the NVIDIA Jetson AGX Orin Developer Kit

Early in product development, organizations often seek to evaluate the minimal hardware requirements for a project. This usually requires purchasing a few... 8 MIN READ
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CUDA Toolkit 12.0 Released for General Availability

NVIDIA announces the newest CUDA Toolkit software release, 12.0. This release is the first major release in many years and it focuses on new programming models... 12 MIN READ
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Just Released: CUDA Toolkit 12.0

CUDA Toolkit 12.0 supports NVIDIA Hopper architecture and many new features to help developers maximize performance on NVIDIA GPU-based products. < 1
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Benefits of Using Pull Requests for Collaboration and Code Review

Software teams comprise a broad range of professionals, from software engineers and data scientists to project managers and technical writers. Sharing code with... 6 MIN READ