NVIDIA Aerial Developer Kit: Jumpstart 5G vRAN Development

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The nexus of 5G, IoT, and edge computing is turbocharging network performance. NVIDIA is working with the world’s leading telecommunications companies to build software-defined infrastructure that can meet the demand for real-time data processing at the edge for a variety of smart services.

Today we announced the first NVIDIA Aerial Developer Kit. Designed to jumpstart the execution of 5G PHY functions for performance evaluation and benchmarking, this pre-configured system facilitates development and deployment of the vRAN stack using the NVIDIA Aerial SDK.

Aerial Developer Kit

The Aerial Developer Kit provides access to in-built vRAN test vectors included as part of the Aerial SDK. Pre-installed with environment variables and configuration setup, it’s an easy to use system to build L2+ interface and networking stack. Cross-compatibility with various CUDA frameworks and libraries provides options to test a variety of use cases.                

New Features Include:

  • Includes 5G L1 test cases and logged results, initially based on the Aerial Alpha 2 SDK (test vectors are bundled along with MATLAB scripts)
  • Provides continued ability to augment and enhance RAN functions based on Alpha releases, customer use cases across verticals such as CloudXR, Edge.
  • Bare metal HW reference design is available as an option today.

To create a seamless out-of-the-box experience for our developers, we have partnered with GIGABYTE to provide hardware systems with NVIDIA GPUs and a new kind of processor — DPUs, or data processing units.

— pre-installed. We have also collaborated with Arrow to execute the software workflow and system integration to deliver the kit. 

To learn more about the Aerial Developer Kit, please register for our GTC Session.

Visit the Aerial Developer Kit page to join our early interest program.